Ethereum holds above $180: Is this the early stage of its next journey to All-time-high

The past few weeks have been good for the world’s second-ranked cryptocurrency as Ethereum remained bullish these days. Though a fall is seen in the price value of Bitcoin and other digital assets, ethereum succeeds in maintaining its bullish performance.

Some analysts consider it the early stages of its next journey toward a new all-time high and it is expected that this present bullish rally could bring a new all-time high for Ethereum in the future.


Crypto analyst sees ETH at $350 in short-term upside

Currently, the world’s second-ranked digital asset is holding above the $180 mark. The coin had to see a minor drop as it came down from the trading point of $186 but it still managed to hold itself above $180.

A famous crypto analyst and Twitter user, Galaxy sees Ethereum at $350 in the short-term upside. He says in his recent Tweet that he is going to buy ETH at $180 and looking ahead to sell it at $350.

Ethereum will have another ATH in the future

Another crypto analyst named Satoshi Flipper believes that Ethereum will have another new All-time-high in the future. He presents the ETH weekly chart to support his claim. He further explains in his Tweet:

Need to look at the ETH WEEKLY to fully appreciate where we are in the cycle. Ethereum will have another ATH in the future and riding this all the way back up can be life changing money. I’m betting on it.

Both analysts hope that Ethereum could have a new All-time-high in the future and believe that the current bullish stage of the coin is the early stage of this journey. At the time of writing, the price value of the coin is standing at $180.77 USD with a change of 0.45% in 24 hours.

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