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Ethereum based dApp will allow startups to ‘’stream the salary’’

The dApp built on the Ethereum blockchain started to stream the cryptocurrencies and innovated a better version for giving and receiving salaries. The dApp is called the Sablier, a payment protocol based on the Ethereum network is now offering various crypto assets for streaming over the app. CHAI is also included in the list that is also known as an interest-bearing token.

Sablier, on Jan.16, comes with interesting news for employers as well as for employees: they have added the new streamable cryptocurrencies such as wrapped BTC, Synthetic USD (sUSD), wrapped ETH, and CHAI.

The enabling of payments in Synthetic USD will allow users to get the required assets easily as these synthetic cryptocurrencies can easily be convertible into other assets. For example, users can exchange synthetic USD with other synthetic assets as sXAU (gold).

The Ethereum based dApp has also integrated the CHAI-the tokens that know for giving the holders of the coins an interest. One can convert his DAI tokens to CHAI and can earn interest. And the most interesting thing is that users can also covert CHAI back into DAI and can also exchange it with Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market volume.

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Enabling payments more secure than ever

The payments in crypto are continued in the industry from the past few years but there was no proper and efficient way of paying or receiving payments.

To solve the issue of one-time payments, Sablier introduced the phenomenon of real-time payments by presenting the idea of streaming payments or one can say salaries. The payment protocol tried to deal with the issue of one-time payments by enabling employers and employees to send and receive payments in bits of time such as minute, quarter-hour, hour, and day.

People who work online such as freelancers and project contractors can now receive payments with time to time instead of waiting for the weeks and months to end.

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