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Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin Warns Against Rushed Adoption of Superintelligent AI

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin reflected on the rush for artificial intelligence (AI), profiling it as a very risky engagement. The Ethereum developer urged individuals to avoid the hasty adoption of superintelligence AI, warning that human thought is vulnerable to selected central servers controlled by a few individuals.

Buterin urged individuals to exercise a cautious approach to artificial intelligence research, terming it very risky.  

The developer responded to criticism of ChatGPT maker OpenAI by Messari chief Ryan Selkis. The creator of the second-ranked blockchain reflected on the perspective of the crypto intelligence firm chief by reiterating the core principles that should guide development. 

Superintelligent AI Poses Huge Risk

Buterin indicated that superintelligent AI harbors huge risks, and individuals should not rush into its adoption. He suggested the need to scare individuals from trying the AI as they subject their thoughts to the server farms. 


Superintelligent AI involves a theoretical AI that virtually surpasses human intelligence in all domains. While the majority consider artificial general intelligence (AGI) to be the ultimate realization of the new tech’s full potential, they overlook the superintelligent models as the subsequent additions. 

Although state-of-the-art AI systems are yet to realize such thresholds, machine learning and neural networks are in the pipeline. Individuals are expressing excitement and worry. 

Messari had profiled AGI as too essential for individuals to worship smooth-talking narcissists. Buterin asserted that a diverse AI ecosystem is critical, hence the need to avert a scenario where the AI’s immense value is centralized ownership and control by several individuals.  

Buterin illustrated that a robust ecosystem of open models that run on consumer hardware would offer the necessary hedge against future AI in hyperconcentration. 

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Hyperconcentration in AI Threatens Humanity Adopting Superintelligent AI

Buterin warns against human thought mediated by central servers owned by a few individuals. Instead, open models harbor lower doom risk, unlike corporate megalomania and military camps. 

The Ethereum creator praised the Llama3 model as an open-source LLM. He indicated that GPT-40 multimodal LLM had allegedly passed the Turing test, citing a study that confirmed that responses generated by OpenAI’s new model matched those of humans.

Buterin reflected on the AI model’s classification into either small or large groups, urging the regulation of the large models as a priority. Nonetheless, he indicated that most of the present proposals could earn large classifications in the future. 

Buterin remarks on AI coincide with the heated debates witnessed in AI as the industry witnesses key figures’ resignations. In particular, Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike exited OpenAI’s research team, alleging chief executive Sam Altman prioritizes shiny products at the expense of responsible AI development. 

The criticism of the OpenAI chief is surprising given that the ChatGPT maker deploys stringent non-disclosure agreements preventing the staff from discussing the entity after their departure.

The high-level debates on super intelligent AI are becoming more urgent, with experts concerned about the varying suggestions. 

Former OpenAI alignment executive Paulo Christiano now runs Alignment Research Center, a non-profit entity aiming to align AI systems with responsibility for human interests. He decried the 50% chance of AI becoming catastrophic when the systems match the human level.

Meta’s lead researcher, Yann LeCun, downplays the likelihood of a catastrophic scenario. The scientist echoed the April 2023 pronouncement, disputing the hard take-off scenario as impossible. 

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LeCun indicated that short-term developments will ultimately influence AI evolution, shaping the long-term trajectory. 

Buterin Considers Superintelligent AI Could Treat Humans as Pets

Buterin affirmed his centrist thoughts by ratifying his 2023 essay. He warned against having friendly, superintelligent AI dominance that leaves humans as pets.  

Buterin indicated that the N version of the civilization technology brings problems that version N+1 will fix. Such is not possible unless human effort is made intentional. 

Buterin indicates that humans cannot forego finding the solution to resolve the superintelligence problem. However, the criticism by the Ethereum creators aligns with the general concerns following the departure of cautious alignment scientists from OpenAI. 

The exit witnessed by the Altman-led AI company could open the door to a shift toward products that compromise safety. The primary concern is the absence of ethical AI development, particularly among the AI startups and established players like Meta, Google, and Microsoft, who reportedly restructured to disband AI safety teams.  

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