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Experts Highlight  April 2024  Bitcoin Halving Possible Trajectories Amid ETF Focus

Key Insights:

  • Pre-halving retraces historically yield high ROI, presenting a unique investment window amid market excitement and speculation.
  • A ‘buy the hype, sell the news’ approach dominates the pre-halving rally, leading to a retrace and testing investor resilience.
  • Post-retrace, a consolidation phase precedes a potential breakout, marking the culmination of the halving cycle with accelerated growth.

In 111 days, on 22nd April 2024, the digital assets community is counting on the approaching Bitcoin Halving. This significant event is set to reduce BTC emissions from 6.25 to 3.125. Rekt Capital, a respected crypto analyst, has delineated a roadmap featuring five distinctive phases that precede and succeed in this crucial occurrence. This elucidation aims to provide insights into potential market dynamics and the consequences that may unfold for investors.

Understanding the Five Phases of Bitcoin Halving

In the present pre-halving stage, the market is on the edge of a fascinating scenario. Rekt Capital notes that, historically, deeper retraces in this period have yielded fantastic returns on Investment (ROI) for traders in the months post-Halving. The recent retracement in the cryptocurrency market might be attributed to the excitement and speculation related to the Bitcoin ETF resolution. This situation presents a unique investment opportunity for buyers in the upcoming two months.

Market Dynamics and Investor Strategies in the Pre-Halving Period

As Bitcoin inches closer to halving, the forthcoming phase, a pre-halving rally, generally materializes about sixty days before the event. During this stage, investors adopt a ‘buy the hype, sell the news’ approach, fueling a rally before divesting just before the halving, leading to a pre-halving decrease. The market psychology of this phase is crucial as short-term traders seek to capitalize on the hype-driven momentum.

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The subsequent phase, the pre-halving retrace, unfolds around the halving itself. Historically, this period has seen significant value declines, with a reiteration of -38% in 2016 and -20% in 2020. Rekt Capital emphasizes that this backtrack can last weeks, leaving investors questioning the bullish impact of the Halving on prices.


After the retracement phase, the market typically shifts into a period of re-accumulation. This stage is often characterized by apathy, agitation, and distress, particularly if substantial and immediate returns on Bitcoin investments do not occur. This stage tests the resilience of investors as they navigate through a period of consolidation before the potential breakout.

The last stage of this cycle involves Bitcoin breaking out into an uptrend, during which it typically undergoes rapid growth, reaching new ATHs. Rekt Capital highlights that this phase marks the culmination of the halving cycle, showcasing the potential for significant returns for patient investors.

The Role of ETFs and Market Sentiment in Crypto’s Future

Despite the current focus on the impending consent of a spot Bitcoin ETF by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), advisor to Tether and VanEck, Gabor Gurbacs, urges caution in estimating the initial influence of U.S. Bitcoin ETFs. He believes that people often overestimate their immediate effect, predicting that initially, only a few hundred million dollars might flow into these ETFs, and much of it could be recycled money. 

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However, Gurbacs emphasizes the long-term significance of these ETFs, which is commonly underestimated. Drawing parallels from historical trends, he suggests that the aftermath of spot Bitcoin ETFs could be similar to the substantial effect observed in the gold market following the introduction of gold ETFs.

Approaching the halving, the evolving dynamics in the cryptocurrency market emphasize the intricate interplay between historical patterns, investor sentiment, and external factors. While the approval of the ETF holds significant importance, analysts such as Rekt Capital and Gabor Gurbacs propose that comprehending the five phases of the halving is equally vital for investors maneuvering through the complex crypto landscape. The forthcoming months are unquestionably pivotal, molding the trajectory of Bitcoin in the post-halving era.

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