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External Coins Review – Is External Coins Scam Or Legit?

External Coins Broker Rating
Account Types9
Trading Speed9.3
Customer Service9.1
Read our External Coins review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this External Coins review before you sign up with the broker.

External Coins Review

External Coins logo

External Coins a cryptocurrency broker that is offering its services in the world of crypto trading. In this External Coins review, we will discuss some features provided by this platform and see how it is better than others.

Online trading is one of the most convenient forms of trading. There are over millions of traders who are trading online and earning profits. If you are doing your regular nine to five job, then you must be tired of it. If you want to earn some extra money to fulfill your dreams, you should start trading online like other traders.

If we look at experienced traders, they have made fortunes by just trading online, so if you think that online trading is not profitable, you may be wrong. When we talk about online trading, many instruments come under the category of online trading. But the most recently introduced instrument is cryptocurrencies which we are going to discuss in this review.

Cryptocurrencies were introduced in 2009 when the first-ever cryptocurrency named Bitcoin was introduced to the market. Many traders who have been trading in this market didn’t realize the potential of this market and thought that it doesn’t have any future. But the world has seen how crypto trading has become one of the biggest markets of trading.

During the journey of cryptocurrencies started from pennies and faced many ups and downs in this market. But now, after several years, it has surprisingly reached an ATH (All-Time High) of more than sixty thousand dollars which caught the eyes of many traders. But the journey of cryptocurrency was not easy at all.

There have been many controversies regarding this instrument, and many governments have still not legalized crypto trading. But this is changing very rapidly as the world of crypto trading is growing, and more traders are getting aware of this instrument.

External Coins cryptocurrency trading

With the development of cryptocurrencies and crypto trading, the number of platforms is also increasing. But before we talk about the market, let me tell you how you can get started. The first thing that you have to do in crypto trading is registered yourself with a platform. Many types of trading platforms allow trading cryptocurrencies, but the best method is through a crypto broker.

Crypto broker is a platform that offers you a platform where you can buy and sell different currency pairs. If you don’t know about currency pairs, then let me tell you more about them. Currency pairs comprise two types of currencies. In this case, one will be FIAT or your normal world currency like USD, EUR, etc., while the other will be one of the cryptocurrencies like BTC, XRP, etc., you can give your FIAT currency and exchange you will get any of the cryptocurrency that you buy.

This is one of the simplest and most recommended methods by most experienced traders. Whenever you look at professional traders who have been trading in the market for a long time, they will prefer trading through a crypto broker.

But choosing your trading platform is not easy at all. There can be many hurdles on the way. Let me tell you what those hurdles are. The first thing that is difficult for traders is to find a legitimate platform. With advancements in cryptocurrencies and the crypto world, the number of scammers has also increased.

This resulted in an increased number of scam cases where young and inexperienced traders got scammed by fraudsters. If you are new to the market and don’t know much about it, then you must do your research correctly before registering yourself with any platform. This can save you time, energy, and money. But doing research is undoubtedly a hectic job.

It is not easy to find authentic news about a particular platform, especially when you are new to the field. There are hundreds of opinions regarding one platform, making it extremely difficult for traders to decide what is best for them. But after going through this article, you will be able to make up your mind pretty quickly.

We will start by telling you how to verify whether a platform is authentic or just another scam? The first thing that you should see in any platform is its regulation. Suppose financial regulatory authorities regulate a broker. In that case, this means that it is already meeting all the eligibility criteria to provide a secure and private trading platform to the traders.

Another thing that you can do to verify whether a platform is reliable or not is through reviews and testimonials of traders who have already experienced the platform. These reviews play a massive role in developing a platform’s reputation or ruining it. Many platforms offer pretty fascinating features at first, but when you register yourself with them, you find out that those claims were just a tactic to gather your attention, and nothing from those claims is offered.

In this review, we are not going to get trapped by any fascinating claims or offerings. I have done the tricky part and researched this platform. Through this article, I will share my thoughts regarding this platform with you to educate yourself about this platform, and in the end, you can decide whether or not this platform is right for you. So without any further redo, let us dive into the context and see what External Coins is offering.

A Complete Trading Platform

The trading platform is one of the first things that a trader experiences while trading. If you don’t know what a trading platform is, then let me tell you. It is the interface that is offered by different firms through which you can make your trades. Unfortunately, many brokers have neglected this point and are offering a very bogus trading platform.

When we look at other trading platforms, we notice that the interface of those platforms is extremely laggy. Everything feels outdated, and it ruins the overall experience of the trader. But External Coins is a professional broker that has kept customer satisfaction as its top priority. This starts from designing an interface that is extremely useful and easy to understand.

There are many types of traders; some want more advanced tools and graphs to help them achieve those high targets and enhance their trading skills. At the same time, other traders who have just joined the market require user-friendly platforms which are easy to understand and can be used flawlessly. It is the responsibility of the broker to cater to every trader’s needs, and this broker is doing its job professionally.

External Coins is offering a platform that consists of all of the latest tools and graphs, which will help traders predict the market from before and invest accordingly. But to accommodate young traders and make it easier for them, the interface of this platform has been kept highly user-friendly. Let us take an example of the crypto price converter tool. This is a tool that I have never seen before and is extremely useful for traders.

Through this tool, you can convert the prices of cryptocurrencies to any currency that you want to get an idea of how much investment you need. While other brokers throw every piece of information, they can look at you by showing you multiple graphs and price lists, making the interface messy and unorganized.

As soon as you visit the platform of External Coins, you will notice that everything is kept in place and nothing is missing. This way, you can use all of the features and tools offered by this broker while keeping it user-friendly and organized.

Crypto trading is all about convenience and how easy it is for traders to invest in cryptocurrencies and earn profits. Unlike any other form of trading in which you have to deal with the customers and suppliers, and that is just so hectic. Keeping this ease in mind, External Coins has created a platform that will give you the liberty to trade from anywhere you are. No matter if you are sitting at home, you can trade easily through your laptop or computer.

But traders are not always just sitting at their homes. There are times when traders are traveling and do not have access to their laptops. If you wonder that they can trade once they reach home, let me tell you that online trading is a high-speed market. Here you can’t afford the delay of even a few minutes. As the prices of assets go up and down several times during the day, you have to be ready at any time.

External Coins has made that easy for you because it is offering optimized applications for your mobile phones. No matter which mobile you have, whether it is IOS or Android, you can trade, download the application of External Coins and start trading through your phone. Many traders think you will have to sacrifice some features when you shift to a mobile phone, but this is not the case.

External Coins trading platform

Security Is An Essential

If you know about the internet and computers, you would probably know that it is not a safe place. No doubt, the internet has made human life a lot easier, but at the same time, it has compromised security as well. When you are trading online, there are many resources of traders which are at risk. The first and most important is the money that you deposit to trade cryptocurrencies. Anyone can hack into your account and steal your information.

Another essential thing that should be kept safe is your information. Many traders don’t realize this point, but when you register yourself with an broker, you are offering much sensitive information like your personal information, including name, address, etc., and your financial information and your credit or bank account details.

This information can be used against you and can cause you a lot of loss if not kept safe by brokers. Unfortunately, other platforms are compromising on the security of traders’ data, and this is why there have been a lot of cases in which hackers have stolen the sensitive data of traders. But External Coins is a professional exchange.

External Coins has considered this point and has never compromised on the security of the traders. Remember, at the start of this review. I stated that External Coins is a regulated platform. This means that there are some policies which this broker has adopted to make its platform safe and secure. The first policy that External Coins adopts is KYC or Know Your Customer policy.

This policy requires every trader who is registering with the platform to provide certain information that will prove his identity and residence. This information is necessary because most scammers don’t like to reveal their identities. With the help of this policy, brokers can restrict any trader from entering the platform. When you register yourself with External Coins, you will have to provide your proof of identity through a national ID card or driver’s license.

Traders will also have to provide their utility bills of recent months to prove that they are the resident of a legal place where they can be found in any case. If you are wondering why platforms take time to verify your documents, it is because of the regulations imposed by many financial regulatory authorities for your safety.

The following policy that External Coins adopts is AML or Anti Money Laundering policy. This policy restricts any illegal activity from happening on the platform. There have been many cases in which people have used different platforms to launder their money and stop such activities. Financial regulatory authorities have made AML policy standards for every platform.

These policies will help platforms to restrict any scammers, but what about hackers and the security of your data that we talked about earlier? External Coins has considered that point as well, which is why the platform of External Coins is infused with the latest encryption technology.

This encryption will keep all of your data password-protected, which is nearly impossible to hack. If a file is protected by one password, then the chances are higher that it can be cracked. Still, in this encryption technology, your data is stored in layers of protection, making it nearly impossible for hackers to decode and access your data.

If security is your primary concern while trading online in that case, you don’t have to worry because External Coins is offering you the most secure trading platform, which will give you that ultimate peace of mind while trading.

External Coins KYC

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

If you are aware of trading, you would probably know that trading is all about withdrawing your profits and depositing your investment. So the most important factor during these procedures is the methods through which you can perform transactions. As a professional broker, External Coins is offering you multiple transaction methods. This means you can choose from any of the payment methods provided by External Coins, which suits you best.

The options available for traders include credit/debit card, bank wire transfer, and directly from a bank account wallet. You don’t have to worry about the process of investing your money and taking your profits out. External Coins is offering you the fastest withdrawal requests, which will allow you to withdraw your earnings in the quickest way possible.

Unlike any other platform, which takes months to process your withdrawal request. If transaction methods are your primary concern and you worry about your account support, then leave it up to External Coins.

Customer Support Service

If you ask about one thing that makes a platform stand out from others, it is undoubtedly the customer support service. Unfortunately, most of the platforms working in online trading are not offering good customer support services to the traders. In the world of computers and the internet, it is essential. Let me explain this to you as you know that all of the trades in online trading are happening over the internet.

Traders never met physically with brokers or buyers, hence the only means used by everyone on the internet. There can be many flaws in computers or the internet, which need solid backup support in customer service. If any trader faces any issue related to the platform or has any confusion regarding trades, there should be some support to cater to his queries.

External Coins is offering a very robust customer support service, but it has also created a whole different department of teams responsible for catering to any traders’ queries. Suppose you are new to the platform or face any confusion while you are trading. In that case, you don’t have to worry because External Coins is offering you a very responsive and professional team of customer support services, which is just a message away from you.

Final Verdict

As you have gone through everything offered by External Coins, I hope that now you will be in a better position to decide what is best for you. Many other platforms offer pretty fascinating features, but the services that External Coins offers are simply remarkable. I tried to look for a reason not to recommend this broker, to be fair.

But surprisingly, I didn’t find any negative remarks about this brokerage. If you have decided to register yourself with External Coins, you can do that by visiting the platform.

External Coins Broker Rating
Account Types9
Trading Speed9.3
Customer Service9.1
Read our External Coins review and learn why we recommend this broker for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this External Coins review before you sign up with the broker. produces top quality content exposure for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies and startups. We have provided brand exposure for thousands of companies to date and you can be one of them too! All of our clients appreciate our value / pricing ratio. Contact us if you have any questions: Cryptocurrencies and Digital tokens are highly volatile, conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Some of the posts on this website are guest posts or paid posts that are not written by our authors (namely Crypto Cable , Sponsored Articles and Press Release content) and the views expressed in these types of posts do not reflect the views of this website. Tokenhell is not responsible for the content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or any other content posted on the site. Read full terms and conditions / disclaimer.

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