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Ferris State University Launches AI Student Experiment

Ferris State University’s AI Experiment

Ferris State University in Michigan is beginning an experiment by enrolling two artificial intelligence (AI) students in classes. This would mark a potential milestone in integrating AI into traditional education.

The innovative ambition, led by Associate Professor Kasey Thompson, seeks to explore how AI entities can engage in classroom education – submit assignments, participate in discussions, and ultimately earn a degree through machine learning. The AI students will not be physical robots; instead, they will “observe” classes through audio and video channels.

Initially serving as passive observers, the plan is for these AI systems to become active participants in the academic environment progressively.

AI Integration In Higher Education

This experiment holds potential implications for both the fields of AI and education. As higher education experiences a shift towards hybrid online and in-person courses, understanding the dynamics of university life becomes crucial.


Human students’ experiences are typically studied for insights. Still, an AI “student” could provide a unique, non-human perspective, shedding light on opportunities to enhance the overall college experience. The university aims to leverage the data gathered from this experiment to impact various facets of university operations, including admissions and registration.

The involvement of AI in the onboarding process suggests a broader exploration of how machine learning can contribute to administrative tasks, improving efficiency in university processes. As the experiment unfolds, it raises questions about the role of AI in shaping the future of education.

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AI Breakthroughs: University Of Camagüey Leads Cuba’s Tech Revolution

In a related development, the University of Camagüey (UC) in Cuba has propelled itself into the forefront of technological innovation with significant strides in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology. Under the visionary leadership of Rector Santiago Lajes Choy, UC has not only elevated its academic status but has also become a key contributor to diverse sectors, including energy, agriculture, construction, and meteorology.

Noteworthy accomplishments include advancing cattle reproduction techniques, enhancing the implementation of sophisticated weather prediction methods, and introducing innovative building models.

National Recognition And Academic Infrastructure Upgrade

Last year, the university was honored with six awards from the Cuban Academy of Sciences and 12 national commendations. These accolades show the institution’s commitment to high-quality research and groundbreaking innovation.

As part of its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological progress, UC has undergone a substantial upgrade in its infrastructure. Currently boasting a robust network of 34 professional servers and over 2,000 interconnected computers, the university’s digital infrastructure facilitates the work of more than 25,000 users, including students and staff members.

This advanced setup includes high-speed Internet browsing capacity and essential communication tools like FTP and videoconferencing.

Vision For 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, UC has set goals to solidify its position as a hub for academic excellence and technological innovation. Its plans include graduating over 1,700 professionals and expanding the academic portfolio with new degree courses in Electrical Engineering and Agronomy.

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Additionally, the introduction of master’s programs in Regional Development, Tourism Management, Socio-educational Inclusion, Science and Innovation Management, and Methodology of Sports Training for High-Performance Athletes is on the horizon. A doctoral program in Accounting and Financial Sciences is also slated for launch, showcasing the university’s commitment to diversifying its academic offerings.

Beyond academia, UC emerges as a driving force in socio-economic development through its innovative projects. With 12 municipal university centers and 10 schools, the institution actively leads 104 projects and eight innovation programs.

These initiatives focus on crucial areas such as energy efficiency, food sovereignty, housing construction, digitalization, and sustainable tourism development. UC’s dedication to addressing the pressing needs of Cuban residents through technology and innovation is evident in these projects. By integrating AI and technology into various sectors, the university plays a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s sustainable and prosperous future.

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