Forbes Starts to accept payments in Ethereum for articles

The cryptocurrency is paving the way for a more efficient online paying system across the world where no one is restricted and can pay and receive money through digital currency without any boundary. Day by day, the giant companies are opening their windows towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Nine to ten years ago, there was just an abstract concept of digital currency in a limited number of minds. They tried to remove the role of the third party from online banking. They were successful in creating the Bitcoin in 2009.No other industry made its name across the globe and strengthened its roots like digital currency and the technology behind it as the blockchain.

Today, there are hundreds of companies and firms that are either working for the crypto community or doing their work through blockchain and cryptocurrency. For example, Ripple is integrated with 300 different giant companies in the world and most are the banks.

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Forbes starts accepting crypto

Forbes, the American based magazine, starts to accept cryptocurrency. Forbes, however, covers news about the blockchain and cryptocurrency from some time but they don’t accept money in crypto to provide services or for the subscription.

Forbes, now, starts to accept cryptocurrency for subscription as they are offering that one can see their articles without being interrupted by ads on the site by paying in crypto. One will have to pay $1 in digital currency for one week. To subscribe for one month, they will have to per the rate of the week that is $1 a week.

Only Ethereum is accepted at site

Currently, they are accepting payments in Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market volume. However, it is expected that they may start accepting in other cryptocurrencies as well. This is a great step on the part of Forbes because it will also allow them to pay in cryptos who are away from banks such as African countries.

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