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Former Citigroup Executives Launch Innovative Bitcoin Security Solution

Key Insights:

  • Former Citigroup execs unveil BTC DRs, providing a new approach for institutional Bitcoin investment within existing regulatory frameworks.
  • BTC DRs represent a blend of traditional finance and cryptocurrency, offering institutions a different method to access the digital asset market.
  • Bitcoin Depositary Receipts facilitate new regulated crypto investment avenues, integrating conventional financial methods with the digital currency sector.

In a significant development within the cryptocurrency sector, a team of former Citigroup Inc. executives has unveiled a new financial instrument, Bitcoin depositary receipts (BTC DRs), designed to offer regulated market access to Bitcoin without requiring direct approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This initiative bridges the gap between traditional financial practices and the evolving digital asset landscape.

Revolutionizing Institutional Access to Bitcoin

The Receipts Depositary Corporation (RDC), led by these former Citigroup professionals, is poised to issue the first series of BTC DRs to qualified global institutional investors in a move exempt from registration under the Securities Act of 1933. This significant development offers a unique merger of digital assets into the established financial system.

Ankit Mehta, a key player and co-founder of RDC, who also boasts a rich history at Citigroup, articulated the function of BTC DRs. These tools enable various asset owners, including hedge funds, family offices, and large institutional investors, to convert their Bitcoin into DTC-eligible securities. This conversion is crucial, facilitating direct ownership within the US’s regulated clearance systems. Such a feature is particularly attractive to those hesitant about direct cryptocurrency investment due to the security risks and regulatory uncertainties often associated with it.

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Strategic Partnerships Enhancing Security and Trust

In ensuring the seamless operation of BTC DRs, RDC has collaborated with Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions as the transfer agent and Anchorage Digital Bank National Association for the custody of the underlying Bitcoin. These strategic partnerships underscore the critical nature of secure and reliable infrastructure in managing digital assets. Furthermore, the initiative has attracted significant backing from prominent industry entities, including Franklin Templeton, BTIG, and Broadhaven Ventures.


The unveiling of BTC DRs coincides with a significant uptick in Bitcoin’s value, crossing the $45,000 mark, and the growing anticipation around the SEC’s potential approval of spot-bitcoin ETFs. Mehta underscores that their offering complements, rather than competes with, Bitcoin ETFs. Unlike the cash redemption typical of Bitcoin ETFs, BTC DRs differ by providing direct Bitcoin ownership to qualified institutions. This distinction could appeal to a different investor segment, particularly those seeking more direct exposure to the cryptocurrency.

Drawing on Traditional Models to Solve Modern Market Challenges

The RDC’s founding team, including Bryant Kim and Ishaan Narain, has leveraged their Citigroup depositary-receipts team experience in shaping their BTC DR strategy. They recognize similarities between American investors’ challenges in foreign company investments and the current obstacles in crypto markets. By applying the well-established American depositary receipts model to the digital asset realm, they aim to alleviate these challenges, offering a more familiar and secure investment pathway for institutions.

RDC’s introduction of BTC SDRs significantly advances the integration of cryptocurrencies into established financial systems. This innovative approach addresses the needs of institutional investors and sets a new standard for digital asset trading and ownership.

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Navigating Regulatory Landscapes with Innovation

The RDC’s BTC DRs are particularly noteworthy for navigating the complex regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies. RDC is effectively bridging a crucial gap in the market by offering a product exempt from SEC registration yet providing institutional investors a secure way to invest in Bitcoin. This approach could inspire further innovations in the sector, paving the way for more compliant and investor-friendly cryptocurrency products.

In a market often characterized by volatility and uncertainty, RDC’s BTC DRs represent a forward-thinking solution that could stabilize and legitimize cryptocurrency investments for institutional players. By combining traditional financial instruments’ security and familiarity with digital currencies’ innovative potential, RDC is responding to current market demands and shaping the future of institutional investment in cryptocurrencies.

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