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‘Generated’ Fake IDs Alleged to Satisfy Crypto Exchange KYC Cost $15

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is adding another stir to the controversy. New services create licenses and passports that pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) checks across several crypto exchanges

The new service leverages AI neural networks and generators to generate fake passports and driver licenses for $15. The platform OnlyFake is generating realistic passports and driver’s licenses. 

The platform admits to generating the identification documents from 26 countries. OnlyFake can create documents from the US, Britain, Australia, and Canada by press time. Also on the list are multiple European Union nations. The site discloses that it accepts payments in various cryptos via the commercial payments service of Coinbase

OnlyFake’s Photo-Generated Images Replicating Real Pictures

404 Media Monday, February 5 publication admitted bypassing the KYC verification process by the crypto exchange OKX by submitting the British passport photo-generated using the OnlyFake platform. The publication indicated that the photo appeared as the ID on the bedsheet to replicate an individual taking a picture. 


Cointelegraph’s publication on Tuesday, February 6, indicates that a review of the Telegram channel comprising OnlyFake users features admission of success in utilizing the generated IDs to bypass verifications. The article lists the users sharing apparent success in the KYC checks by Bybit, Huobi, PayPal, Kraken, and Bitget

One OnlyFake user disclosed several screenshots using multiple crypto exchanges, indicating they passed the KYC in various exchanges when using fake IDs.

The service is likely to attract crypto scammers and hackers who use fake documents to open exchanges and bank accounts. The OnlyFake services will help safeguard real identities and make them challenging to track.  

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OnlyFake Bypassing KYC Checks

The pseudonymous owner of OnlyFake, John Wick, revealed to 404 Media that the identities are bypassing KYC checks and verifications required by Bybit, Coinbase, OKX, Huobi, Kraken, and Binance. Besides, the IDs pass the KYC of crypto-accepting Neobank Revolut. 

The OnlyFake platform reiterates that manufacturing forged documents is illegal. It adds that the templates are utilized for movies, web illustrations, and television episodes. 

OnlyFake indicates that generating fake documents takes a short time, not exceeding a minute. Rather than utilize a neural network, individuals can upload their photos or choose randomly from the personalized library of drops.  

The February 5 publication captures dozens of generated driver’s licenses and passports appearing on the layout of kitchen countertops, carpets, desktops, and bedsheets as if one were taking them to submit for online verification. 

The publication cites a Telegram post indicating that the OnlyFake platform generates 100 fake IDs simultaneously by utilizing the Excel spreadsheet data. The emergence of OnlyFakes coincides with the revelation by a hacker indicating the subpoena of Binance, Coinbase, and Discord.

OnlyFake provides image metadata spoofing, allowing one to forge the data, time, device, and GPS location. Doing so allows the photo to capture identifiers that verification services scrutinize to ascertain the authenticity.

OnlyFake Vulnerable for Exploitation by Bad Actors

OnlyFake is emerging at a time when crypto hackers and scammers utilize various methods of spoofing information and concealing identities to gain access to the crypto exchange.

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A related case of fake IDs illustrates that blockchain security firm Certik revealed in 2022 the existence of an online black market where individuals dispose of identities for $8. The individuals must play the verified face to the fraudulent crypto projects. Also, the bad actors mandate the individuals to register exchange and bank accounts.  

The emergence of OnlyFake will ease access to the AI deep fake tools and trigger concerns among crypto executives questioning the effectiveness of deploying video verification in identity checks. 

In May last year, Binance’s head of security, Jimmy Su, warned about the increased cases of scammers plotting to dupe the exchange KYC verification checks. The executive added that bad actors would tap deep fakes to deliver convincing videos, thereby tricking human operators. Such is now a reality under the OnlyFake tool. 

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