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Google Testing Powerful AI Model 700X, Than OpenAI’s Inaugural Chatbot

Google Labs hinted at the unveiling of Gemini Pro 1.5 AI designed to power the free tie chatbot. The developers project Gemini Pro 1.5 AI to execute 1.5 million tokens, an output approximated at 128,00 times the capability the rival’s version handles. 

Google Labs confirmed the upgrade to the Gemini Pro AI, identified as the midsize AI model behind the free chatbot version. The upgrade introduces the capability to process 1 million tokens during preview assessments. 

Gemini Pro V1.5 700% Powerful than Paid GPT-4 

The context size yields unprecedented context size that dwarfs the current segment leaders in the dust. In particular, the Gemini Pro v1.5 upgrade is theoretically 700% more powerful than the paid GPT-4 model developed by the Microsof-backed OpenAI

The Gemini Pro v1.5 sets a new benchmark for computational linguistics and existing machine learning as a pacesetter for large language models (LLMs). 


Google disclosed that the figure realized by the upgraded Gemini Pro v1.5 constitutes the most extended context window attained by the large-scale foundational model. 

The Google Labs team indicated that the largest context window available for the public executes 200,000 tokens. The feature makes Gemini Pro more capable than the existing Gemini lineup versions and rival LLMs currently available. 

The context was realized for testing, and the stable version of the Gemini Pro will execute 128,000 tokens. Google team indicated that its release is a significant upgrade from the 32,000 tokens handled by Gemini 1.0. Nonetheless, the team urged patience as they witnessed the massive accomplishment of 1 million tokens.  

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Google’s Gemini Pro V1.5 Challenges ChatGPT Plus

The release of advanced Gemini Pro v1.5 portrays Google’s offensive move in the race to realize dominance within the AI industry. In the previous week’s announcement, Gemini Advanced offered the first credible competition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus. 

Google’s chatbot differs from Anthropic’s Claude in being multimodal. Besides, it yields good outcomes in different assessments while offering a set of unique features unavailable in OpenAI’s chatbot. 

Gemini Advanced is poised to catch up with the GPT-4.5 Turbo capability that handles 128,000 tokens. 

The Google Labs team indicated that Gemini 1.5 versatility played out via several demonstrations. The team found that one can process vast amounts of information in a single instance. Notably, it can process video of 1 hour in length, 11 audio hours, 30,000 code lines, or 700,000 words of text. 

The team indicated that the model tested 10 million tokens successfully. Nevertheless, the Gemini models cannot analyze PDF files, unlike the ChatGPT Plus version.

Gemini Rivals Mistral AI in Deploying Mixture of Experts (MoE)

The Gemini Pro v1.5 differs from the preceding versions by utilizing a mixture of Experts. Mistral AI utilizes the technology to deliver a more lightweight model. 

Mistral’s entrant outmatched OpenAI’s GPT3.5. Its robust nature leapfrogged open-source LLMs classified in the upper echelons. 

The Mixture of Experts routes each request to a smaller neural network group to ensure faster and higher-quality responses. Google indicated that the diversity of the technology guarantees speed and quality in the output. 

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Similar to Mistral, Google has managed to make the new model shine. As such, Gemini 1.5 Pro attained superior performance across several benchmarks, unlike the Gemini Ultra 1.0. The achievement illustrates a promising future for the Google Labs’ LLMs. 

Google’s chief executive hailed the Gemini Pro v1.5 as portraying dramatic improvements on several fronts while bettering quality realized in 1.0 Ultra. In a Thursday, February 15 blog post, Google’s chief Sundar Pichai observed that Gemini Pro v1.5 used less input in computation.  

The announcement was noncommittal on the timeline when Google Labs will unveil the Gemini Advanced 1.5. 

The release of Gemini Pro V1.5 with enhanced token-handling capabilities will bolster Google’s position in the competitive AI race, given that OpenAI is actively pursuing GPT-5.

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