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Terror Financing – Hamas and Hezbollah Shift From Bitcoin to Tron Network

Key Insights:

  • Tron overtakes Bitcoin in terror financing, favored for quicker, cost-effective transactions in the Israel-Hamas conflict.
  • Israel intensifies scrutiny of Tron, freezing numerous wallets linked to Hamas and other groups, spotlighting cryptocurrency’s role in conflicts.
  • Tron’s rise in conflict financing brings to light the challenges of technology’s neutral use versus its potential for harmful applications.

The Tron network has emerged as a pivotal player in the complex arena of terror financing, particularly in the Israel-Hamas conflict. This development highlights the multifaceted role of cryptocurrencies in modern geopolitical dynamics.

Tron’s Ascendance in Terror Transactions

Tron has surpassed Bitcoin in becoming the preferred channel for financial transactions by certain groups in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Security agencies in Israel and across the globe have observed a distinct pivot toward this network for fund transfers, specifically by entities labeled as terrorist organizations by several nations.

Analyzing the Shift to Tron

The preference for Tron over Bitcoin is primarily due to its technical advantages, such as quicker transaction times and reduced costs. Insights from Mriganka Pattnaik, CEO of Merkle Science, a blockchain analysis firm based in New York, illuminate this trend. Merkle Science collaborates with law enforcement agencies worldwide, playing a key role in scrutinizing these financial movements.


Israel’s National Bureau for Counter-Terror Financing has been active in this arena, freezing over 140 Tron wallets since 2021, linked to activities related to terror groups. This year has been particularly significant, with a large number of wallets connected to groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad being seized.

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The Ripple Effect of Terror Financing

The increased use of Tron coincided with escalated tensions following Hamas’s attacks on October 7 and Israel’s subsequent military actions. In response, Israel heightened its focus on dismantling Hamas’s financial networks, leading to major crypto account seizures, including those connected to a money exchange firm in Gaza.

Hayward Wong, representing Tron, points out the common challenge in the tech industry: the potential misuse of technologies for questionable purposes. Wong emphasizes that Tron’s technology, while possibly used in such ways, does not inherently support such activities.

Moreover, those affected by these seizures, many utilizing Tron, have contested any connections to Hamas or Islamic Jihad, maintaining that their cryptocurrency dealings were purely for legitimate business or personal finance reasons.

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A New Front in Digital Warfare

The revelation that Hamas’s armed wing had ceased Bitcoin fundraising, without mentioning Tron, further complicates the discussion about cryptocurrency in global conflicts. This statement came amidst a backdrop of significant military and civilian casualties following the October 7 events and Israel’s subsequent operations.

In response to these attacks, Israel conducted one of its most considerable known seizures of crypto accounts, targeting around 600 accounts linked to a Gaza-based money exchange company. While using Tron, individuals implicated in these seizures denied any links to terror groups, suggesting their cryptocurrency activities were for legitimate financial purposes. Some speculated on the possibility of unintentional transactions to individuals connected to these groups.

With no reference to Tron, the cessation of Bitcoin fundraising by Hamas’s armed wing adds another layer to the complex narrative of cryptocurrency in international conflicts.

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