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Here are 15 Most Expensive NFT Sales of All Time

Despite the hype over NFTs (non-fungible tokens) cooling down in recent months, these digital art pieces continue to record trading volume worth billions of dollars. Moreover, NFT projects are launching as creators anticipate a renewed interest in their digital assets over the coming years.

In this article, we will explore ten of the most expensive NFT sales to date. Keep reading to learn more.

Most Expensive NFT Sales

Everydays: The First 5000 Days

Everydays, is an NFT collection comprising 5,000 pieces. Popular NFT creator Beeple is behind the project. Two years ago, Beeple said he created one NFT per day for 5,000 days. In March 2021, the first NFT that he created, “The First 5000 Days,” was sold for over $69 million at Christie’s auction and became the most expensive NFT sale ever.


Created by Pak, the Clock NFT tracks the number of days Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has been in prison. Also, the creator used it to raise Assange’s legal fees. In November 2021, AssangeDAO members raised $52.7 million and bought the Clock NFT.


Human One

Beeple features in our list again thanks to his Human One NFT, which combines both physical and digital components that change according to the creator’s input and is set to continue changing throughout his life. The NFT changed hands for $28.8 million in early December 2021.

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CryptoPunk 5822

This NFT is among the 10,000 unique pieces launched by blockchain startup Larva Labs in 2017. What makes CryptoPunk 5822 special is its rare “alien” trait, which only eight CryptoPunks have. The NFT traded for $23.5 million in January 2022.

CryptoPunk 7523

This is another Larva Labs NFT with an “alien” trait. During an auction by Sotheby’s in June 2021, an NFT collector spent $11.70 million to buy CryptoPunk 7523, becoming the fifth most expensive NFT sale.

TPunk 3442

The TPunk NFT collection was the first-ever NFT project built on the Tron blockchain. It launched in 2021 and comprises 10,000 pieces. In December 2021, the NFT collection recorded its biggest sale after selling TPunk 3442 (Joker TPunk) for $10.6 million to Tron founder Justin Sun.

CryptoPunk 4156

Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks appears on our list once more. This time, it’s all thanks to CryptoPunk 4156, which was traded for $10.3 million in late December 2021. The sale made headlines after the buyer (@4156) made the NFT their profile picture on X, formerly Twitter. After purchasing CryptoPunk 4156, the buyer said they would keep the NFT forever. The unique digital art piece hasn’t changed hands since then.

CryptoPunk 5577

CryptoPunk 5577, an NFT with a unique “ape” trait and a cowboy hat, sold for over $7.6 million in March 2022 to become Larva Labs’ fourth biggest sale.

CryptoPunk 3100

CryptoPunk 3100 is among the eight NFTs with an “alien” trait. It was bought for $7.50 million in early March 2021.

CryptoPunk 7804

This NFT changed hands for $7.49 million in April 2021 to become the tenth most expensive NFT sale.

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Ringers 109

In October 2021, the Ringers project, which was created by Dmitri Cherniak earlier that year, saw one of its NFTs (Ringer 109) sell for $7.1 million.

Right-click and Save As Guy

Launched by XCOPY in December 2018, the Right-click and Save As Guy NFT was purchased by Cozomo de’ Medici for about $6.9 million in December 2021. The interest in the NFT rose significantly when it was featured in a BBC news bulletin.

CryptoPunk 8857

This NFT traded for $6.60 million in September 2021. CryptoPunk 8857 is one of the 88 NFTs with a “Zombie” character.

Crossroad by Beeple

Popular collector Pablo Fraile bought Beeple’s Crossroad NFT for $6.57 million in October 2020. After holding it for about four months, Fraile sold it for less to another collector, only identified as Anonymous10.

All Time High in the City

This is another NFT that XCOPY sold for millions. The All Time High in the City NFT, which depicts a ferryman ferrying a passenger across the river Styx, sold for $6.2 million in January 2022.

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