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Huobi Global Adds Trading Support for BAND Token

Following the outshining performance of BAND in the last few days, the major cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global has listed Band Protocol’s BAND token on its platform for trading according to an official announcement by Band Protocol. The trading of BAND is going to commence from today on August 10, 2020. However, as per the announcement, the cryptocurrency exchange allowed the deposits of BAND token on the 9th of August while withdrawals are set for August 10.

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BAND is available on Huobi Global now

Band Protocol’s BAND token is now available on the trading platform of the top digital assets exchange Huobi Global for trading. According to the company’s announcement, initially, Huobi global has added support for only three trading pairs for the token which are BAND/BTC, BAND/U.S. dollar, and BAND/ETH. The holders of the BAND token can start purchasing and trading coins now on the platform.

Furthermore, the company said in the press release that Huobi Global is currently supporting withdrawals and deposits of only BAND-mainnet coins. And that they will soon disclose the opening time for withdrawals and deposits of BAND-ERC20 coins in the next announcement. So users can only deposit and withdraw BAND-mainnet coins at the moment.

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As BAND is now listed on Huobi Global, the users of this token will be able to have access to the infrastructure of the leading exchange. They can buy, sell, and exchange their tokens in a simple and secure way on the platform of the exchange. Users can also enjoy other features of the exchange such as they can view their trading history and can monitor their trades whenever they want as well as they can manage their investment portfolios as well.

BAND price shows a spectacular performance

Since the last few days, the price value of Band Protocol’s BAND has shown a spectacular performance. On Sunday, August 9, BAND’s price skyrocketed in minutes by securing double-figure gains. BAND price’s one day return on investment (ROI) value is more than 20% while the seven-day ROI value is over 250% which clearly shows how well this coin is performing.

Still, the price value of the BAND is up 45.95% in 24 hours while trading at $16.20.

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