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New Data Shows Over 10 Billion ADA Tokens Are Being Staked Now

There is a large number of Cardano’s ADA tokens that are currently going through staking on the blockchain by users of Cardano. According to the new data shared by, delegators are currently staking more than 10 billion ADA tokens at the moment. The data also states that the number of delegators who are staking tokens is also over 24,000.

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Cardano has 895 active stake pools as of now

Cardano allowed the users of the ADA digital currency to start taking part in the staking of the cryptocurrency right after the network launched its highly-anticipated Shelley hard fork upgrade on the 29th of July. Since the upgrade rollout, the Cardano blockchain has so far seen a huge number of users participating in the ADA staking and they are currently staking more than 10 billion ADA coins at the moment.

Apart from this, according to the latest data, the number of active stake pools of Cardano is also increasing high. Currently, Cardano has around 895 active stake pools at the moment. This means that since the day of the release of the Shelley hard fork upgrade, an increase of over 84% has occurred in the number of Cardano’s active stake pools so far.

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However, the Cardano network aims at hitting 1,000 in active stake pools, and looking at the current number, it seems the network is very close to achieving it.

Cardano plans to add native assets and smart contracts this year

The CEO of IOHK Charles Hoskinson has said that the Cardano network has planned to bring more new features later this year by adding native assets as well as smart contracts. IOHK CEO even claimed recently that as soon as these new features are introduced by Cardano, its native cryptocurrency will become the best cryptocurrency in the market and it will be considered as the best whenever we compare it with the top-ranked digital currency Bitcoin (BTC).

However, the price value of ADA is not doing fairly well as it is supposed to do after the Shelley upgrade launch. It has even been pushed down to the eight spot on CoinMarketCap by Chainlink (LINK) which has shown an outshining performance in the market.

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