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Immortal Game Drops Chess NFTs and Play-to-Earn Crypto Citing Heavy Cheating

Immortal Game has in its recent announcement confirmed a decision to ditch non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and play-to-earn crypto tokens citing prevalent cheating cases. The online chess platform reached the decision just after a successful fundraising round that featured crypto investors. 

Immortal Game ruled out accepting NFTs and other play-based crypto-related elements. The platform indicated that such crypto elements are encouraging increased cheating in a Discord publication. 

The post disclosed that Immortal Game, which runs on the Ethereum-based scaling network Immutable X, is ditching the checkmate token (CMT) starting on Monday. Besides, the platform is eradicating its NFT marketplace while discarding any crypto-related references on its online platform. 

Also affected by the changes implemented on Monday is the firm’s resolve to halt crypto-based rewards to the tournament winners.


Immortal Devote to Chess and Enhancing Playing Experiences

A pseudonymous Immortal developer identified as Luxo indicated that the decision to halt NFT and play-and-earn collectibles involved careful deliberation. The platform’s website conveyed a similar announcement informing the immortals of the new terms. 

The platform reiterated its devotion to chess and pledged to intensify its efforts towards transforming the Immortal Game into a leading chess hub. Instead, the post indicated that the platform will prioritize enhancing the playing experiences.

Immortal Game promised to explore Web3 and decentralized technologies such as enhancing anti-cheat measures and improving community engagement. The primary drive would remain to advance the chess platform by guaranteeing fairness and an enjoyable experience for the players.

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The announcement by Immortal presents a sudden twist for a company that realized $12 million in 2022. Among the leading participants in the round are blockchain investors led by Kraken Ventures and TCG Crypto. The funding round saw the platform realize $15.5 million in total. 

The changes communicated by Immortal Game to ditch the CMT token coincide with a period when CMT is battling a 73.3% dip in its 2023 price. A substantial amount of the losses arose this quarter as per CryptoRank data.

The platform rewarded players with CMT whenever they won games. Despite the changes, the holders of the Immortal chess NFTs can utilize them within the game. The usage is restricted to Immortal mode. 

Heavy Cheating and Exploit Degraded Play Experience

The Immortal representative recalled the team created the crypto elements prompted by the desire to reward the players’ community. With time, the team discovered that cheaters were readily exploiting the platform motivated by money thus running the fun. 

The Immortal developer decried that the decision to offer huge cash amounts featured no barriers to entry. It enticed heavy cheating that with time degrade the user experience. It ruined the compensation for the legitimate player base desirous of a safe and fair channel to play chess online. 

The platform urged players to consider the Immutable’s marketplace and website in managing and trading the Immortal Game NFTs. Besides, users possessing custodial wallets are compelled to transfer assets to self-custodies crypto wallets

 Luxo added that the undesired consequence of offering money to the player base triggered unfair practices. The developer added that the team decided to halt play-to-earn inevitably to end the cheating.

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Blockchain Games Ditch Crypto Games Citing Prevalent Cheating 

Luxo observed that cheating has become a prevalent challenge experienced across competitive games. Nonetheless, financial rewards often increase the players’ incentives to seek quick bucks to cheat. Also, they install exploits that manipulate the game outcome to their desired outcome. 

Immortal move to ditch crypto tokens echoes the decision reached by closer to 50 blockchain games that halt such development in 2023 as revealed in the Game7 report. Similarly, other Web3 games that initially fronted NFT elements took a step back. Instead, they offer crypto-free game versions adhering to the restrictions imposed by the Steam store. 

Immortal ditching crypto tokens is similar to the July decision by Neopets to abandon the NFT-powered gaming plan despite receiving financial support from crypto investors. A similar decision was reached in October when the fantasy MMORPG Gran Saga: Unlimited halted development of the NFT-powered game. 

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