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Immutable Studio Set to Reduce Gas Fees on Web3 Games through zkEVM Intergration

As the gaming industry attains a remarkable growth stage, transaction fees been of the rise for the past few months. The surge in transaction fees has challenged game developers to explore ways to reduce costs by leveraging emerging technologies.

In a recent report, the leading Web3 gaming company Immutable was pleased to state that after a thorough examination, the company has come up with a solution to lower the transaction fees. 

Immutable Games Explores Ways to Reduce Gas Fees

The gaming company confirmed that launching the Immutable zkEVM network will allow players to explore exclusive gaming features at zero cost. The expected launch of the Immutable zkEVM network allows the game developer to incur expenses, including gas fees on behalf of the players.

 The report demonstrated that games centered on the Immutable zkEVM network will utilize the Ethereum scaling network to lower the transaction cost. This development will allow the players to explore new games at affordable prices

The Australian-based gaming company envisages that lowering the transaction cost will eliminate barriers to entry. Therefore the launching the Immutable zkEVM network aims to enable the game studio to support mainstream crypto adoption.

In an exclusive interview with the product marketing lead at Immutable, Michael Powell revealed that some gaming features, including high transaction fees, forced vital players to exit the vibrant gaming industry.  

The executive confirmed that with the changes in the crypto sector, the Web3 games are designed to offer the players incredible experiences. Powell added that Web3 games support blockchain features that are easy to use.

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Significance of Immutable zkEVM

The executive affirmed that lately, the Immutable team has been working closely with the team behind Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six Siege, commonly known as Ubisoft to push for the adoption of blockchain games. The two partners plan to boost the gaming experiences through Web3 technologies. 

Besides the strategic partnership with fast-paced game developers, the Immutable team has invested in developing a new application to support its existing game. A recent publication demonstrated that the game developers are currently working on creating Immutable Passport, a unique game profile feature.

In particular, the team behind the Immutable Passport has integrated advanced tools to reduce gas fees on sponsored games. After the launch, the Immutable team plans to finance the gas fees for games linked to the zkEVM mainnet for a specific time.

 The developers confirmed that the zkEVM network will go live in Q1 of 2024. According to the announcement, the Immutable team encouraged other game developers to sponsor the games to attract new players and boost gaming experiences. 

To be part of this exciting development, the Immutable team advised the game creators to deposit substantial funds into a given wallet to support the payment of gas fees for passport users. 

Gaming Companies Steps Up in Ongoing Push for Web3 Adoption

Also the gaming company anticipates that if the developers support the payment of fees, then the cost of running the gaming studio will decrease. In the latter, the gaming company stated that the Immutable zkEVM testnet was open for blockchain games to explore the new scaling solution.

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 The company anticipates that if the Immutable zkEVM testnet attains the desired result, then the developers will proceed with the official launch of the platform.

 In a December 11 report, the Immutable team confirmed apart from lowering the gas fee, the official launching of the Immutable zkEVM network will increase the number of transactions.

 The report illustrated that the Immutable team plans to strengthen the security and privacy of transactions through emerging technologies. Beyond this the Immutable zkEVM and Passport features aims to introduce the monetization concept, allowing game developers and creators to treat gas fees as an expense incurred to maintain or develop a gaming infrastructure.

The launching of the two aims at enabling the Immutable team to expand its customer base by attracting new users to the platform. With the benefits of the Immutable zkEVM network, over 200 games, including Shardbound, Space Nation, and MetalCore, have announced plans to build their game on the Immutable platform.

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