Justin Sun announced to Distribute 50,000 TRX to join Telegram Channel

The Purpose behind this Giveaway

The Tron foundation wants to multiple its social media community using the Telegram channel. For this purpose, they have initiated this big reward program in the form of TRX giveaways. The Telegram channel will present you with the latest news of the community, news about the coin, forecasts, interviews, infographics, and much more useful information.

In the crypto world, the giveaways are used as tools to get the attention of the investors and crypto fans. And it always proves a successful method to catch the attention of people.


Distribution of 50,000 TRX

Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron has tweeted explaining to its vast audience and asked them to invite your friends to earn 50,000TRX.

It is announced that there will be three winning stages for new members. These include 5,000 TRX, 2,500TRX and 1,250 TRX respectively. Those who are not successful in attaining these winning places will get the rest 32,500 TRX.

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Justin will give $1k to 100 People every month for One Year

On 13 September, Justin made a decision that he will give $1k to ten people every month for one year. He made up his mind to start this great initiative because he was inspired by Andrew Yang, the presidential candidate of America.

The New York Times reported that Andrew will utilize the funds of the campaign to offer $1,000 a month to 10 people. Inspired by the idea, the CEO of Tron made up his mind to distribute $1,000 a month to ten people. This is all based on UBI (Universal Basic Income).

There are four steps to get 50,000 TRX:


  • First of all, you have to join the official Telegram channel of Tron.
  • After joining, start the chat with bot.
  • Invite other friends to join the channel.
  • Get your earned TRX.
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