Earn Cryptocurrency With Uptrennd A New-Era Social Media Platform

The Uptrennd is a social platform based on four pillars: distribution of wealth, data security, equal opportunity for everyone and freedom of speech.

7 Ways of Earning Points on Uptrennd

  1. You can earn points through upvotes by commenting and adding posts.
  2. You can earn through sharing economy (50% on Reposts)
  3. By receiving donations from other members or users.
  4. Earning through bonuses on daily logins.
  5. Earn points through monthly and weekly contests and competitions.
  6. By sending invitations to join the platform.
  7. Trading crypto tokens to get points.

You are rewarded with cryptocurrency every time your post or comment is upvoted. 

If you are a content creator then it is the best platform to earn by sharing your content. The platform will reward you in the form of points. In turn, you can use these points to earn more points or used them to get the fiat currency using the exchange.

The amount of rewards depends on the member level. At level one, the user will receive one token per upvote and these tokens will increase with the increase of member level.

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What is an Upvote?

One upvote will be equal to one point and  which is equal to one UP token. The number of rewards for each point will increase on the basis of member level.

At one level, one upvote will equal to 1 point

At level two, one upvote is equal to 1.1 points

At level three, one upvote is equal to 1.2 points.

and so on…..

Content Creators

Every type of content creator can earn by sharing his talent. These include bloggers, musicians, photographers, videographers, podcasters, selfie-aficionados, and all other content makers can earn rewards.

How to Trade 1UP Tokens ?

1UP Token is currently listed on below exchanges

  1. IDEX Exchange
  2. altilly Exchange

Current Price of  1 UP = $0.011766

UP Token is already listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap

our experience with uptrennd so far is pretty great. you can check our profile here at :

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