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Layer 2 on Solana? Co-founder Discusses the Blockchain’s Direction and Focus

Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of Solana, has shed light on the blockchain’s strategic approach to Layer 2 (L2) solutions.

While the crypto community buzzes with the possibilities of L2 implementations, Yakovenko offered a unique perspective, emphasizing Solana’s core mission and its distinct position in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

Yakovenko’s Stance on Layer 2 for Solana

Anatoly Yakovenko recently addressed the topic of Layer2 solutions in relation to the blockchain’s primary objectives. Yakovenko emphasized the blockchain’s commitment to expanding its atomic global state machine, a framework integral to enhancing efficiency and scalability. 

While acknowledging the innovation of Layer2 technologies like side chains and zero-knowledge proofs, he noted that these solutions do not directly contribute to the development of Solana’s core mechanism.


Yakovenko’s insights suggest a strategic focus on strengthening Solana’s Layer1 capabilities. This approach prioritizes internal enhancements over external solutions, ensuring a more integrated and cohesive development of the blockchain’s foundational layer.

He indicated that Solana’s goal is to optimize its global atomic state machine to the fullest extent possible, governed only by the limits of physics.

This perspective marks a shift from exploring Layer2 options to reinforcing the blockchain’s inherent capabilities. Yakovenko concluded with a forward-looking statement, envisioning a future where Solana continues to scale and evolve its Layer1, with potential hardware upgrades enhancing the single virtual machine instance on this foundational layer. 

This approach reflects a clear prioritization of direct enhancements to Solana’s Layer1, rather than diverting focus to Layer2 solutions that may not align seamlessly with the blockchain’s primary aims.

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The Solana Ecosystem

Solana’s pathway in the blockchain world, while marked by impressive growth, has not been devoid of obstacles, particularly in the ecosystem security.

A pressing concern has emerged in the form of ‘wallet drainers’ – malicious entities adept at exploiting system vulnerabilities to illicitly withdraw funds from users’ cryptocurrency wallets.

These security breaches, with reports citing the presence of approximately 6,000 active wallet drainers, present a substantial risk to investors in the SOL ecosystem. The impact of these threats on user confidence and the integrity of the blockchain is not insignificant.

In contrast to these security challenges, SOL, the native token of the Solana blockchain, has shown remarkable resilience and growth potential. Recently, it experienced a significant surge, with its value increasing by over 50%, a notable achievement that saw it trading above $100.

This dichotomy in Solana’s journey – facing critical security challenges on one hand and achieving substantial financial growth on the other – paints a picture of a dynamic ecosystem.

It’s one that is grappling with the evolving threats inherent in the digital asset landscape while simultaneously capitalizing on the burgeoning interest in blockchain technologies.

The future of Solana, therefore, hinges on striking a balance between enhancing security measures to safeguard its ecosystem and continuing its trajectory of financial and technological growth.

Balancing Bullish Trends and Security Challenges

The recent bullish trend in Solana’s market performance underscores a growing interest and confidence in its technological potential and future prospects.

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However, this upward trajectory has not been without its fluctuations. Over the past week, the value of SOL, Solana’s native token, witnessed a downturn, marking a 7.1% decline.

Addressing the critical issue of ‘wallet drainers,’ which has been a significant concern for the Solana ecosystem, Wallet Guard has taken proactive measures.

In a bid to fortify security and protect SOL investors, Wallet Guard has introduced new features specifically designed to counteract the threat posed by SOL wallet drainers. 

The introduction of these security measures by Wallet Guard is a pivotal development in Solana’s journey. It not only addresses immediate security concerns but also contributes to building long-term trust and stability in the blockchain’s ecosystem. 

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