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Leading the Charge in Crypto Innovation: An Exclusive Interview with the CEO of

Today our portal has the opportunity to interview the founder of the platform

CEO of

Why you started

I started with cDexgroup in 2019 a foundation in real estate investment and continued by evolving in tech start-up.

Today, my primary focus is in the advancement of AI technologies and the development of staking platforms.

We wanted to develop a product that was not only tailored to our market in Switzerland, but would be scalable overseas and we did it!

cDEXgroup it is a multiholding investment group who proudly introduced in Switzerland.

How business started taking off?

Perception is everything, when others see you as a big player, they trust and talk about your work. That’s when the business took off, big time.

Now, we’re the only platform that covers everything from Dual Investment to Dividend Arbitrage. We also provide lending products. And soon, we’ll be moving into Collateral Arbitrage.

How are you ahead of your competitors?

In the market, there’s no dominant player, there’s no one offering what we do – a complete package.

We’ve seen what technologies are available around the world. They don’t have the functionality we have and they don’t represent a full value chain.

Our solution? We’ve built a complete, seamless system from start to finish. It’s fully integrated, systematic, and user-friendly. The results it delivers are beyond investors’ wildest dreams. That’s what sets us apart and allows us to shake up the industry.

Why is your business a future statement?

I know that’s the future in our environment. All users will move from banking and financial institutions to decentralized investments as they already want to have full control over their finances and higher mobility for their funds. It’s future proofing.

Nobody else has been able to map a client’s financial journey this way.

What is next?

We are working in developing a friendly user App. With our technology and the app working together, we aim to conquer the entire European market.

I plan to include a wide range of features and services within the app.

Essentially, we want a whole market in that app, a complete ecosystem.

Are you the hero of this projects?

No. Our innovative technology is first in line, closely next to our top tier agents. Our clientele includes both experienced investors and newcomers but both needs a right hand for a fully tailored growth.

I’d go as far as to say that our users are the true heroes of this project. There is a thin border between loving decentralization and being skeptical about it, that is why we address to the people who seek the freedom behind Decentralization.

What made you pursue it?

I might sound arrogant, but I was confident in our vision from the start, even when nobody else saw it.

Some advised is an unbreakable market, and there are still those who question our pursuit of global dominance. Their skepticism, however, fuel my fire.

Has the power to overtake the big Crypto Companies in the world like Binance or Coinbase?

Absolutely not. The very core of our business is that Each user needs an inside agent to assist him in Lending and Arbitrage deals and we would not be able to accommodate that for millions of clients.

There should be no comparison as they just offer access to buy Cryptocurrency, while our job is mostly client service orientated.

Is the last decentralized project of cDexgroup?

No, it’s not but we really believe that the next project will actually have technology at his foundation.

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