Ledger Offers 10 Bitcoin As Bounty After Second Hack Attack

It is not the best time for Hardware wallet producer Ledger following the breach of its database for the second time in less than 12 months. The company disclosed that an unknown person had breached its database.

The incident, which led to the disclosure of more than 270,000 users’ data, has been eventually bringing the company into the limelight for the wrong reasons. As a result of the incident, the public now has access to the names, postal address, and the email of all affected users.

Ledger Swings Into Intense Investigative Actions

Knowing the intensity of the damage the incident could cause its reputation in the crypto world, the wallet producing company wasted no time investigating the incident. So far, it has recorded a positive result after discovering that the breaching of its data takes place via Shopify.

The e-commerce platform is responsible for overseeing the affairs of all Ledger’s wallets, thereby allowing the culprit to carry out such a criminal act. However, the mission is far from the finish as the culprit is yet to be identified and punished. Despite knowing the source of the incident, the investigating panel is yet to point out the person or group of people behind the operation.

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That could change any time soon, judging by the company’s commitment to see that it gets to the root of the matter. Apart from engaging in an early investigation, the Ledger is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to bring the culprit into a book.

The latest report suggests the company is willing to give a 10 BTC bounty to anyone who can disclose the accurate identity and location of the people involved in the criminal activity. Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time the company is experiencing such unhealthy situations.

The Ledger Reveals Plan To Improve Security Following Incessant Hacking Incidents

It should be recalled that the company was hacked in July last year by unknown groups who were able to affect over 9500 wallets. This latest hack incident is the largest in its history as 272,000 users were affected by the incident traced down to a Shopify employee.

The e-commerce platform has equally revealed its side of the story, as it claimed that some employees have permission to access the history of transactions made by some merchants and traders. As part of its desire to prevent the same event from occurring in the future, the Ledger is set to improve its security by reviewing how the database is going to be handled and controlled in the coming days.

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According to a company statement, Shopify won’t hold customer’s data for too long. There won’t be any need to display personal data in the email sent to clients to stop intruders from accessing users’ info. The platform also said it will now interact with all clients through the Ledger live platform to reduce the rate at which intruders can access vital details. In the same vein, Shopify will no longer keep its users’ data, and the company will export all essential data to a more secure offline platform.

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