Litecoin is going to Launch its Debit Card in the UK in Q4 of 2019

Litecoin Foundation has tweeted to inform the Litecoin community about its upcoming debit card called Block card in a partnership with Ternio and Bibox; and commented on its accessibility that through this card, you can pay to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Litecoin Updates the Debit Card

The Foundation of LTC announced recently that they are going to update the Block card and they are diligently working on it. The professional team behind it is adding new features and making it versatile so that customers will face no difficulty while using the card.

Partnership with Bibox and Ternio

The Litecoin had made the strategic partnership with the crypto exchange Bibox and Ternio, a blockchain company to launch the debit card that was reported in the mid of June. Users can spend cryptocurrency to shop online as well as physically from the stores that are accepting digital currencies.

One can keep the cryptocurrencies such as LTC, BIX and TERN, the respective tokens of Litecoin Foundation, Bibox exchange, and Ternio firm, in the Block card. It is informed that custody service for cardholders will be provided by the Bibox.

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This is a great initiative by Charlie Lee to popularize and liquidate the digital currencies in the physical world as well as for online services. Other sources reported that customers will also be able to keep and use the Bitcoin and Ethereum.

UK is the Next Target

Currently, this facility is operating in the United States but it planned to launch it in other countries and the next target is the UK according to reports. When a crypto user from its community asked, when they are going to operate the card in the United Kingdom, the Ternio in response said, ’We’re targeting Q4 of 2019!’



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