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mBridge Expansion Welcomes New Central Banks and Prepares for MVP Launch

Key Insights:

  • mBridge gears up for a pivotal MVP launch, setting the stage for broader commercialization.
  • China’s involvement distinguishes mBridge as a unique international CBDC initiative.
  • Eddie Yue’s BIS appointment amplifies mBridge’s significance in the global financial landscape.

The international landscape of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) is evolving rapidly, and at the forefront of this transformation is the mBridge project. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s CEO (HKMA), Eddie Yue, recently highlighted the project’s ambitious plans. With a vision to expand its reach and influence, mBridge is gearing up to introduce its minimum viable product (MVP). This move is seen as a strategic step towards the broader commercialization of the mBridge platform.

mBridge: A Brief Overview

Diving deeper into the origins of mBridge, it was initiated in 2021 as a collaborative effort. The project saw the active participation of the HKMA and central banks from several nations, including China, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Furthermore, commercial banks and the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub from these regions were also instrumental in shaping the project’s trajectory. The primary goal of mBridge has been to revolutionize cross-border payments by making them faster, more cost-effective, and transparent. Preliminary tests have already indicated the project’s potential in achieving these objectives.

China’s Pivotal Role in mBridge

One of the distinguishing features of mBridge is the involvement of China. It is noteworthy that mBridge is the only international CBDC project that has welcomed China’s participation. The digital yuan, which forms an integral part of this project, is the world’s most expansive CBDC pilot. 


In line with this, the People’s Bank of China has proactively forged agreements with international firms and commercial banks. This proactive approach has led to significant developments in 2023, with BNP Paribas China and DBS Bank China facilitating their corporate clients to incorporate the digital yuan into their operations.

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For central banks contemplating joining the mBridge initiative, the prerequisites are flexible. It’s important to highlight that a central bank can have a partially operational CBDC as part of mBridge. All the central banks in the initiative are still in the CBDC pilot project phase. While the global CBDC landscape is still in its infancy, only a few nations, like the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Nigeria, have officially introduced their CBDCs, as documented by the CBDC Tracker.

Global Implications and the Road Ahead

The strides made by mBridge have also captured the attention of policymakers in the U.S. During discussions related to Representative Tom Emmer’s CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act, Maxine Waters, a prominent member of the House Financial Services Committee, expressed her reservations. Waters is apprehensive about the potential of mBridge being used as a mechanism to sidestep economic sanctions. However, experts in the field opine that the efficacy of CBDCs in bypassing sanctions is intrinsically linked to their level of adoption.

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Additionally, the recent appointment of Eddie Yue Wai-man to a significant role at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) adds another dimension to the narrative. The BIS, which enjoys the support of most of the world’s central banks, underscores the growing significance of mBridge in the global financial ecosystem.

The mBridge project is on the cusp of a new era. With its expansionary vision and the imminent launch of the MVP, it is set to redefine the norms of international CBDC collaborations. As the global community keenly observes, mBridge is poised to chart a new course in cross-border payments.

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