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McAfee and Coinbase CEO favor Privacy Coins Meanwhile XMR gains 5%

The CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong and the cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee are praising privacy coins. Meanwhile, a privacy coin Monero (XMR) gains 5%.

John McAfee and Coinbase CEO gave bullish remarks about privacy coins. And Monero which is a privacy coin has received positive gains and is expecting a rally in 2020.

During the last 24 hours, Monero has crossed the mark of $58 after gaining 5%. And since Nov 2019, it has been the highest value of the coin. And it is expected that this bullish performance is because of the recent remark given by John McAfee.

The cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee tweeted in which he banged the world’s leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin and says that it is an ancient technology. While on the other hand, he praised privacy coins and gave bullish remarks about them. He spoke in favor of newer blockchains that offer privacy, small contracts, and distributed apps.

The CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong also shows his support and favor for privacy coins. Following the opinion of John McAfee, he also gave his opinion. He said that in the 2020s, at least one privacy coin will get mainstream adoption. As he says:

I believe we’ll eventually see a “privacy coin” or blockchain with built in privacy features get mainstream adoption in the 2020s.

Following these bullish remarks, Monero has broken a long bearish trend of six months and it is appreciated by 30% in the last week. In terms of 24-hours gains, Monero is on the top among the top ten major crypto assets by gaining 5%. It also has left behind the world’s leading asset Bitcoin (BTC) in this case which gained 4.8%.

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