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Miami’s Mayor To Hire A CTO For The City’s Technological Expansion

Numerous megacities now enlighten people on the need for a region’s technological expansion. Being a city in the US, Miami is no stranger to various technologies and innovations, necessitating the city’s need to grow with current trends. The city’s mayor, Francis Suarez, is one of the leading influences behind Miami’s push as one of the most technologically advanced cities globally.

Suarez is open about his interest in technology and often sees cryptocurrencies as an efficient innovation that improves the financial system. To make Suarez’s dreams of making Miami a top-notch technology hub in the country, he proposed hiring a Chief Technological Officer for actualizing that dream.

Suarez’s preferred candidate for the CTO role is Saif Ishoof

The mayor, who supported blockchain technology within his jurisdiction, revealed that Said Ishoof was his preferred candidate for the role. Ishoof, who currently works as the Vice President of engagement in Florida university around that region, would have the make his choice following the mayor’s job proposal. His new role warrants him to work towards attracting big tech firms into moving to Miami.

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He would interact with tech companies and engineers that might be relocating their firms to the city. Suarez sees the CTO role as essential because the town needs someone to communicate with the tech players and make moving to the megacity attractive. With Ishoof’s hire, the city expects a new surge of tech-based businesses to establish firms there.

The mayor influenced a recent proposal with allocating a tiny bit of the city’s reserve to buy cryptocurrency. Suarez is a prominent advocate of crypto usage within and outside his jurisdiction.

Following his blockchain expansion plans, he once held a meeting with some prominent crypto community members. The advocate revealed that he has an extensive crypto holding, following his support of the digital assets. He believes that if 1% of Miami’s budget is allocated to Bitcoin, it will expand the city’s tech exposure.

Miami’s mayor speaks why he needs Ishoof

The crypto-friendly leader understands the need for a conducive environment for crypto-startups and other tech companies. He hired Ishoof to give interested firms concierge services to draw them into establishing their businesses in the famous city.

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Presently, Miami has many tech companies under it, but it strives to expand tech reach in the city fully. During his meeting with Gemini’s founders, the crypto supporter mentioned that he wants his city to be a highly crypto competitive environment.

Suarez also toyed with the idea of accepting city dues in the form of crypto. This proposal is not official yet, but once it gets enough support, it might go mainstream. Influencers like Miami’s mayor are the ones pushing for widespread crypto adoption.

Experts believe that one day, everyone could be utilizing cryptos daily for various financial transactions. If the city manages to draw in new companies to its reach, it could immensely help the city’s technological growth while creating revenue through the same means.

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