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Michael Saylor Speaks On Bitcoin Being Hope For Venezuela

Michael Saylor has been involved in numerous Bitcoin awareness campaigns to enlighten people on the crypto’s importance. Saylor, who is the CEO of MicroStrategy, discussed Bitcoin on a Spanish podcast. The businessman spoke about trendy topics in the crypto community while mentioning some interesting secrets to get his listeners’ attention. 

Saylor shared how he believes that in a decade, property will become digital. He sees a bright future for digital assets, despite the current happenings that have affected assets in the industry. MicroStrategy is a mainstream company that has made several Bitcoin purchases, and this has earned it immense popularity in the space.

Saylor Sees Bitcoin As An Incorruptible Software

The episode, which is titled “Bitcoin is hope for Venezuela,” was gotten from one of the entrepreneur’s numerous quotes on the digital asset.  The CEO explained Bitcoin as the hope for Venezuela due to the mobility of the asset. He opined that people can put their assets in Bitcoin and store the digital asset on their phones. He assured that Bitcoin means hope because many people can afford mobile devices, which can be used to store the asset. The executive revealed that with Bitcoin, people can keep assets in their phones to enjoy from blockchain’s incorruptible software.

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When Saylor was asked on why crypto means hope for Venezuela specifically, he explained that economies work better with a better banking system, which allows people to store their assets. The crypto enthusiast added that he sees hope as believing that your life would be better than this in a decade. Asides from explaining what hope means, Saylor opined that people need property rights before the system could work. The CEO assured that Bitcoin would give them the ability to control their economic energy. The crypto enthusiast has influenced other businesses to add the digital asset to their balance sheet.

Saylor Faults Government’s Excessive Money Printing

MicroStrategy has most of its investment in Bitcoin, but this has not stopped the business from buying even more of the cryptocurrency. The businessman revealed that the continuous buy is because the company is converting its weakest asset to a stronger asset class. When asked on the podcast about how MicroStrategy controls the volatile nature of Bitcoin, he replied that the business ensures it has adequate funds to pay bills for up to a year. Salyor assured that keeping enough funds prevents the business from liquating any of its cryptos. However, he revealed that MicroStrategy might sell Bitcoin during an emergency.

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Michael Saylor opined that other forms of currencies would lose value due to the constant printing. However, Bitcoin has a limited supply of 21 million, which he believes others would buy into. He sees Bitcoin as a reasonable and low-risk business strategy. The influencer mentioned the asset being high-risk if it is purchased for a short-term outlook. The business intelligence firm seems to have everything covered regarding controlling and managing Bitcoin’s inflation rate.

Shelly Melancon (Switzerland)

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