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Microsoft Unveils AI with Human-Like Reasoning Leveraging ‘Algorithm of Thoughts’

The human-like reasoning AI is a new technique merges human cognition’s strengths and algorithmic logic. Microsoft, a tech giant, has introduced a new artificial intelligence method identified as the ‘Algorithm of Thoughts’ (AoT).

It is designed to improve the efficacy of big language models, for instance, ChatGPT. Additionally, it enables their reasoning abilities to resemble those of humans.

This new approach is the firm’s natural next step. It has heavily invested in artificial intelligence, specifically OpenAI, the developers of ChatGPT, DALL-E, and the robust GPT model.

Microsoft Backs Algorithm of Thoughts Technique Citing a Revolutionary Technique


A published research paper shows that Microsoft believes the Algorithm of Thoughts technique is revolutionary since it directs the language model via a more restructured problem-solving route. The result is quicker and reduced resource-intensive problem-solving.

The paper shows that the firm’s technique outdoes earlier single-query strategies and is similar to a current multi-query strategy that uses extensive tree search. Interestingly, findings show that instructing a model using an algorithm can result in performance exceeding the same algorithm. According to the researchers, the model acquires an enhanced ‘perception’ when the tactic improves its search process.

Human-Algorithmic Hybrid To Resolve Chain of Thought Shortcoming

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The Algorithm of Thought method solves the limitations of present in-context learning tactics, for instance, the ‘Chain-of-Thought’(CoT) approach. Occasionally, CoT offers improper intermediate steps, while AoT leads the model via algorithmic examples for more dependable outcomes.

Machines and humans inspire AoT to enhance a generative AI model’s performance. Humans excel in intuitive cognition, while algorithms are famous for their comprehensive and ordered exploration. According to the research paper, AoT aims to combine the dual components to expand reasoning capabilities within LLMs.

Microsoft claims that this hybrid tactic improves the model’s capability to overcome limits in the human working memory, thus permitting a more detailed assessment of ideas.

Algorithm of Thoughts to Improve Quick Engineering

Unlike COT’s linear reasoning or ToT tactic, AoT ensures flexible scrutiny of various options for sub-issues, ensuring efficiency with slight prompting. In addition, it measures up to external tree-search tools, providing efficient balancing of computations and costs.

Generally, the Algorithm of Thoughts’ indicates a change from supervised learning to integrating the search process. Improvements to quick engineering will result in the model’s capability to aid models in effectively solving intricate real-world issues while minimizing their carbon footprint.

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Owing to the considerable investments in artificial intelligence, Microsoft appears to be appropriately positioned to include the Algorithm of Thoughts into advanced systems, for instance, GPT-4. Teaching language models that ‘think’ in this more human manner can be transformative despite being difficult. 

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