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Montenegrin Court Approved Do Kwon’s Extradition

According to a recent report, a federal court in Montenegro has approved the extradition of the former chief executive officer of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon, who is being investigated for a multibillion-dollar fraud case in America, as well as a case related to breaching regulations in South Korea. His case depicts a significant rise in government scrutiny and pursuit of the crypto industry and the legal reactions international authorities have on crypto-related cases.

Since the collapse of Terraform Labs (which issued the Luna coin and UST stablecoins) last year, the crypto community had been on the lookout for the final outcome of the case. Especially now that Do Kwon, who is reportedly behind the fatal incident that cost many businesses and investors their funds, had been apprehended and is ready for extradition from Montenegro.

Do Kwon Caught In Montenegro

However, the ex-CEO is reportedly wanted in two different countries; the US charged him for a multibillion-dollar criminal act, while South Korea charged him for breaching financial laws. Based on the two countries vying to try the culprit in their environment, a ministerial decision is awaited to determine which country Do Kwon would be extradited to.

According to the report, Do Kwon’s legal case got more intense as he fled shortly after the collapse of Terraform Labs. He was nowhere to be found until he was apprehended by the Montenegrin authorities trying to flee the country. He was reportedly caught with multiple false documents concealing his identity and was charged to a federal court in the country. Kwon was sentenced to four months in prison for forged passports.


While writing a statement after his arrest, Kwon reportedly agreed to be handed over to the South Korean government under an abbreviated process. However, he is not to decide as the final decision on which country would host him first is in the hands of the Minister of Justice for Montenegro, as both South Korea and the United States compete for who gets him first.

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Countries Intensify Scrutiny On Crypto Firms

The new development in the complex case shows that government agencies across the world are intensifying their legal actions against firms in the crypto industry, especially after Terraform Labs collapsed in May 2022, bringing down multiple businesses and investors with it.

Furthermore, Do Kwon’s legal case proves to have a huge impact on the entire crypto industry because it points out that global regulatory bodies are beginning to pay extra attention to happenings in the crypto ecosystem. Also, it shows that world governments are increasing their efforts to protect their citizens by enforcing compliance to transparent and accountable modes of operation within the crypto ecosystem.

In addition, the Manhattan District Court in the US has reportedly filed a legal case containing eight count charges against Do Kwon, which includes wire fraud, commodities fraud, and securities fraud. Meanwhile, the accused’s legal team had frantically dismissed the allegations leveled against Do Kwon previously, stating that the US criminal charges are misguided and extremely impaired.

Kwon’s Case Stirs A Change In Crypto Regulation Globally

As Do Kwon approaches the end of his four-month prison term in Montenegro for passport forgery, the cryptocurrency community anticipates the final decision of the country’s minister for Justice on which country the defendant would be transferred to. The decision is pivotal to settling the case of Kwon’s alleged fraudulent acts as well as serving as a major example of how international law enforcement bodies would react and treat similar cases related to the crypto industry.

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Furthermore, the extradition approval depicts a significant change in the relationship between the crypto ecosystem and the global regulatory framework. It shows the industry is gradually transitioning from being a frontier market to being under scrutiny by global regulations. This points out the importance of regulatory compliance and standard legal integrity in the crypto world. As the crypto space grows bigger, the final court verdict on Do Kwon’s case would have a huge impact on the regulatory structure for crypto investors across the globe as it reshapes the borders of legal compliance in the industry.

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