Mystical Moonbirds Unveiled: Your Ultimate PFP Owl NFT Collection Handbook

Enter the world of Moonbirds, the sweltering sensation in the world of NFTs. This detailed guide delves deep into the appeal and distinctiveness of the mesmerising PFP Owl NFT series.

As the global acceptance of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) grows, many ground-breaking initiatives have arisen, enthralling investors worldwide. Moonbirds stands out from the crowd with its unrivalled design, attracting the attention of the whole NFT community. Within a few months after its release, it had become the second best-selling NFT collection, with sales exceeding $500 million. Moonbirds accumulated nearly $200 million in its first 48 hours on the market, cementing its reputation as a good and highly sought-after product.

The NFT Moonbirds Collection Defined

Moonbirds is an Ethereum-based NFT collection with 10,000 different owl avatars with enticing features such as mohawks, eye patches, and flaming eyes. These rare Moonbirds, positioned as utility-enabled PFPs, embrace various rarity-powered traits, making them stand out in the crypto industry’s stunning PFP ecosystem.


This initiative has quickly risen to prominence in the NFT arena, enthralling crypto fans and celebrities who proudly show their unusual profile photographs on social media platforms. Moonbirds, on the verge of becoming a sought-after blue-chip PFP venture, provides many benefits to its ardent owners.

Each Moonbird NFT is one-of-a-kind, with no two being precisely the same, even if they have certain characteristics. These rare Moonbirds’ owners are admitted to the PROOF Collective, an elite private membership community. This thriving community encourages friendship and provides members with extra perks.

PROOF, the prestigious organisation responsible for producing this exceptional NFT collection, is responsible for the imaginative brains behind Moonbirds and its pioneering technology. Following the spectacular minting and sale of Moonbirds NFTs, the PROOF team announced intentions to use the money to convert PROOF into a respectable and prominent media firm in a gripping social media video.

PROOF was created by industry stalwarts Kevin Rose, Ryan Carson, and Justin Mezzell, all well-known in the NFT area for their knowledge and dedication to innovation.

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PROOF Collective

Immersed in the world of NFTs, the PROOF Collective is a one-of-a-kind and exclusive community of 1,000 passionate NFT collectors and artists. This initiative, which will be unveiled in December 2021, has sparked the NFT space by providing its members with unequalled access and advantages. Pioneers of NFT collection and prominent industry professionals congregate within the PROOF community. Having a PROOF Collective NFT grants you access to this exclusive club. In addition to this desirable position, PROOF Collective members can access many benefits. They receive access to PROOF’s invite-only Discord, which serves as a centre for direct NFT knowledge. Members of the PROOF Collective will have access to exciting in-person events, unique chances with future NFT initiatives, the informative PROOF podcast, participation in gratis NFT drops, and a slew of other benefits.


In actuality, birds can nurture their babies during incubation, promoting growth and development. Moonbirds, in a similar vein, have devised a nesting device to mimic this behaviour.

Staking is a unique technique in which users lock their Moonbirds in a specified wallet for a certain period and collect profits and other attractive features.

Unlike traditional NFT staking, which rewards native utility tokens, Moonbirds staking is motivated by status. The length of nesting impacts the accumulation of advantages for Moonbirds NFT holders, which grants entry to higher levels inside the prestigious PROOF Collective. Upgraded nests provide better drops and prizes.

Aside from the benefits already described, the nesting mechanism offers a safe sanctuary for Moonbirds, protecting them from security breaches and phishing assaults. These fledgelings are secure since they stay in the user’s wallet. The accumulated advantages enable users to take their nests to new heights.

What’s Next?

Moonbirds is one of the top-performing NFT initiatives, drawing industry heavyweights. The project’s bright future is bright, emphasising community development and strengthening. The Moonbirds team is committed to developing utility-enabled PFPs, paving the way for future success stories. However, the project’s long-term success depends on the PROOF NFT private community’s exclusivity. Extensive study indicates that Moonbirds’ staff is dedicated to bringing the project to new heights, making it an excellent pick for investors interested in exploring the possibilities of NFTs.

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The popularity of Moonbird NFTs may be ascribed to several aspects that distinguish the project from its rivals. Unlike other initiatives in the congested business, Moonbirds’ approach to art is exceptional, making it stand out.

Because of the market’s profusion of knockoff ventures, NFT consumers have grown cynical, making Moonbirds’ uniqueness alluring. The collection has particular characteristics, some quite unusual, which add to the project’s appeal.

Investors believe Moonbirds has the potential to provide significant profits. Thus they have invested considerably in the project. Moonbirds is a project to watch because of its intriguing future.

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