Nayib Bukele Commences Second Term, Renews Willingness For Bitcoin Economy

After his victory in the most recent elections, Nayib Bukele has been serving as El Salvador’s president for the second time. The Bukele administration is expected to carry out more of its bold social and economic changes, focusing on growing the country’s  Bitcoin project, which has until recently experienced some challenges regarding water shortages linked to Bitcoin mining.

Bukele’s decision to introduce Bitcoin as the national legal tender in 2021 contributed hugely to his landslide reelection. With more than 60% of the vote, Bukele’s Nuevas Ideas party could hold onto a sizable majority in the Legislative Assembly, guaranteeing him the legislative support he needed to carry out his plan.

After his victory, the president said in his speech that, “We have an overwhelming mandate from the people to continue our work along with further our vision of turning El Salvador into a hub of innovation and progress.”

Analysts Recounts Bukele’s Achievement in Cryptocurrency, Other Achievements

El Salvador was the first nation to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. This program was designed to promote financial inclusion for the unbanked population and offer a competitive substitute for the United State dollar, which the nation has used since 2001.


After the introduction, the government set up Bitcoin ATMs nationwide and introduced the Chivo Wallet, a digital wallet to help with transactions. The government of Bukele has been aggressively marketing El Salvador as an attractive location for blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses,  providing several incentives, such as tax cuts and expedited citizenship.

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Bukele’s Bitcoin policy has also given birth to the creation of Bitcoin City, a planned community focused on Bitcoin mining and innovation fueled by geothermal energy. The government has been focusing on enhancing public services, lowering crime rates, and generating employment, all of which have helped the nation’s economy expand and recover from its once-economic strangulation.

IMF Raises Concern Over the Dangers of Bukele’s Bitcoin Policy 

The possible economic and financial dangers have drawn the attention of international financial institutions, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They contend that the volatility of Bitcoin may endanger consumer protection and macroeconomic stability in the country.

Although the government has offered initial incentives, sustaining adoption and integrating it into the larger economy is still challenging. International authorities have also expressed interest in El Salvador’s Bitcoin legislation.

The IMF has recommended that to address global concerns, the country must set strong supervision mechanisms and clear standards in areas like tax evasion, regulatory compliance, and money laundering. Some residents have voiced concerns about Bitcoin taking precedence over other urgent problems like healthcare, education, and reducing poverty.

Bukele Vows to Promote His Bitcoin Economy for Bigger Economic Agenda 

Bukele says his new administration intends to fund educational initiatives to raise public awareness of financial matters and digital literacy. Programs for learning how to use the Chivo Wallet and comprehend cryptocurrency markets are part of policy.

His government is looking to forge closer alliances with foreign organizations and corporate sector members. The administration has clarified that it is prepared to modify regulations to reduce risks and optimize population benefits.

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Bukele’s last administration has been labeled controversial amid his cryptocurrency policies but has scored low regarding human proper preservation, which major international human rights groups have strongly criticized.

Trump, Other Dignitaries Attends Bukele’s Second Term Inauguration 

Bukele’s inauguration at the National Palace was a high-profile celebration, and prominent dignitaries were in attendance. Amongst them are King Felipe VI of Spain and Javier Milei, the Argentine President. Also in attendance is the United States ex-president Donald Trump, whom Bukele once claimed to admire because his support for the cryptocurrency industry.

In one of his speeches, Bukele called himself a “cool dictator,” an attitude that did not go well with the opposition. He has also emerged as the most popular president in Latin America, an attribute that has consistently played out with his dominating the country’s legislative arm.

Local political analysts say his second term will review his previous decision to maintain Bitcoin as a viable legal tender. However, as of press time, Bitcoin trades at $68,062.60, with a  0.51% growth in the past 24 hours.

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