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Nominex Review – Is Nominex Scam or Legit?

Nominex Exchange Rating
Account Types9.2
Trading Speed9.4
Customer Service8.6
Read our Nominex review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this Nominex review before you sign up with the exchange.

Nominex Review


Nominex is the leading platform where users can buy and sell bitcoin and also stay updated with timely information regarding bitcoin prices and more. The past couple of weeks and months have seen crypto currency soar higher in the market. The statistics have proven many doubters wrong as bitcoin and crypto have continued their upsurge run.

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin definitely look to be in for the long haul. Their presence is very evident as it even has some influence on how many businesses carry out their operations nowadays. Apart from business transactions, many new traders and investors are looking to benefit from the vast opportunities presented by bitcoin and cryptocurrency activities. This is the area we will place focus today.

As an intending bitcoin & crypto trader or investor, it is important to choose a solid, reliable, safe, and efficient exchange platform that can help you manage and monitor your financial activity competently. Over 80% of ICO offerings are turning out to be frauds. There are so many fraudulent service providers in the market and without accurate insight, it’s easy to fall victim to their mischievous schemes. Many of these fraudsters sugarcoat their products with mouthwatering product offerings in a bid to capture unsuspecting traders and investors. Some of them fall prey and lose their assets and investments or worse.

However, there are several trustworthy providers who offer safe, efficient, and reliable services to investors and traders. Platforms like these give access to such traders and investors to make the most out of their activities within the crypto space. Not only that, they provide their users with the information and resources they need to succeed in the crypto market, as well as provide them with the safety and security to keep their investments and financial assets in one piece.

While every trader’s goal is to succeed in the crypto market, the first step to achieving that is to partner with the right exchange platform. Your exchange provider is your closest support system in the crypto environment. They provide you with the necessary tools, security, and information you need in order to scale through the market’s volatility. Apart from security, information is everything in the crypto ecosystem. The quality of information you have access to determines your trading decisions, risk, and how much you can make on your investments. The importance of timely and quality information cannot be overemphasized.

Since exchange providers are your primary resource for information, you must ensure to choose wisely when deciding on who to partner with. This way, you will have more profound insight concerning the market’s happenings and make more informed choices when investing or trading. As a result, you risk less and profit more, safely and effortlessly. Bad information, or the right information delivered late can lead to bad trading and investment decisions or worse. In order to make the right selection when deciding on what exchange provider to partner with, users must carry out in-depth research and analysis on their options before finally settling.

Truth be said, embarking on the task to research singlehandedly can be draining. You may have to go through weeks of scanning through pages upon pages of texts, reviews, and so on. Additionally, you may need counsel, professional advice, and all the help you can get. For this reason, in this post, we intend to take away that stress since our expert team is always surveying the market to find recommendable and trustworthy exchange providers. Today, we will be introducing Nominex, a decent and reliable exchange provider with a plethora of resources and the provisions to best suit your trading needs and help you grow.

Nominex website

This review on Nominex will be straight to the point—only facts. Our aim is to provide you with the insight you need to make a quality and informed decision.

Exchange PlatformNominex
Trading AssetsBTC, ETH, XRP, BAT,
Takers Fee0.10%
Withdrawal Fee0.0005 BTC
Trading PlatformWeb, Mobile
Payment MethodVisa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer
SecurityMilitary Grade

Nominex crypto is the largest crypto marketplace and exchange service provider in Indonesia. The company has over 2,743,097+ verified members. On Nominex, users can buy, sell, and invest crypto assets like bitcoin, ripple, Ethereum, and a host of other assets safely, quickly, and effortlessly. Nominex helps users make maximum returns on each investment by providing them with the security and information they need to stay on top of the market. 

Security Protocol

Security is crucial in the crypto market. As such, top exchange service providers make it priority to provide their users with rock-solid protection and to keep user funds safe from hackers and cyberattacks. Nominex incorporates the latest security technologies to ensure max security at every level.

Additionally, the company also incorporates Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure that every data and information provided by its users are safely collated and stored securely. Furthermore, Nominex integrates the use of cold wallets (a technology that allows for user funds and assets to be held securely across offline locations, away from reach of hackers and cyber criminals).

Trading Platform

Nominex provides its users with a specialized and professional exchange platform that makes it easy for both pros and rookies to participate actively and make profits from the market effortlessly. It features a simplistic outlook that allows investors and traders to monitor and analyze the market trends of their specific asset and currency pairs and their prices easily. The entire design is aimed at making the whole process stress free. Users can also access their transaction history from the most recent to the foremost in one click, as well as a lineup of other very innovative features.

Because Nominex was developed with the interest of both pro and rookie traders and investors, the platform features two interface options. There is the simple interface designed for rookies—featuring a simplistic and minimalist design that allows for one touch operations at virtually every instance. Also, there is the more compact interface designed for pros—featuring a more advanced and comprehensive range of options to explore.

As for ease of use, the trading platform is entirely user-friendly both on the rookie and advanced interfaces. Both interfaces feature graphs, traded digital currencies, charts, order books, and other essential tools. Options across both variants are easy to access, making trading a breeze both for amateurs and professionals.

Furthermore, to make the trading process more accommodating for all, Nominex offers very low charges on trading fees, thereby allowing you to profit more at little or no cost. If you have a 30-day trading volume that exceeds specific thresholds on the platform, Nominex will reward you with lower trading fees. Alternatively, you can simply hold the exchange’s native token (NMX) for a significant period in order to receive trading fee discounts and other catchy incentives.

Nominex Mobile Support

There is the notion that only desktop provides the best trading experience. However, Nominex engineers have gone the extra mile to prove this wrong. It is true that the computer screen provides a broader view and professional trades and investors can see a host of all the features that help them make their trading decisions. However, Nominex engineers have designed a comprehensive, functional, minimalist, and efficient mobile variant of their desktop resource. The app is compatible with Android and IOS. It features an intelligently thought out design that allows users make timely and quality investment /trading decisions on the fly. This way, users can always participate effortlessly and conveniently.

Nominex Affiliate Program

Added to a lineup of several other innovative additions, Nominex also features a referral program. Users can invite new members and get rewarded in their local currencies for every referral. There are no restrictions that limit how much you can earn from referring. Your referral tree can grow up to a million and more.

There are a variety of rewards on each referral effort. They include:

  • Rewards on your personal referrals
  • Team bonus rewards (you earn from 5-10% of your entire team’s effort
  • You earn bonus for quick starts (if your referral signs up and funds their account, or invests, or begins to trade instantly)
  • You earn bonuses for your team’s support efforts to other members of the Nominex community, and so on…

Withdrawals and Deposits

Making deposits and withdrawals on the Nominex platform is simplistic and straightforward. The platform offers low rates on withdrawals compared to the standard rates and those offered by other providers. Nominex offers up to 5% discount on BTC withdrawals and up to 15% on other crypto assets. Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum each have 10% discounts on withdrawals.

Deposit Methods

Nominex allows users to deposit through fiat and cryptocurrencies. Currently, fiats are only possible through wire transfer. However, the company is working to make other fiat transactions available. Nevertheless, the availability of fiat transactions, in the first place, makes things a lot hassle-free for traders and investors, opening a world of opportunities and allowing them to utilize their crypto assets easily.

Furthermore, Nominex recently announced support for deposits and purchase via credit and debit cards. Currently, two service providers (Mercuryo and Koinal) are supported. And, both support MasterCard and VISA. If you’re using a Koinal card, you wouldn’t have to complete any KYC processes. However, a KYC process is mandatory if you’re using a Mercuryo card. The company is working to add other providers.

Customer Support

Nominex provides customers with high level 24 hours support, 7 days a week. The platform delivers reliable and effective support to every customer regardless of time or location. Requests, complaints, and enquires can be sent via email. They are responded to quickly to provide customers with the support and assistance they need.

Why Nominex?

  • Ease

Nominex offers users some of the easiest and most effective tools to scale the crypto space effortlessly. Users can switch between interfaces and a plethora of trading and investment options while maximizing profits and cutting down risk. The platform integrates seamlessly with other key players in the crypto community, making it a breeze for users to explore.

  • Access to timely information

On Nominex, users are provided with timely and accurate information to help them make more informed and risk-free decisions. The Nominex community is always updated with relevant insight to keep them ahead of the curve. Nominex traders and investors have higher advantage with regards to the speed and quality of information they are offered.

  • Support for Multiple Crypto Assets

The platform supports a wide variety of crypto assets. Nominex accepts deposits from all Indonesian banks and allows users to make crypto asset transactions quickly and effortlessly.

  • Buy and Sell Crypto Assets Quickly and Effortlessly

Nominex users can buy multiple crypto assets without stress. The platform integrates seamlessly with various crypto assets and banks. Purchases can be completed in less than an hour. Selling your crypto assets is also effortless and straightforward. You can also convert your crypto assets to your preferred currency including USD, Rupiah, etc. in just one working day. Buying and selling of crypto assets on Nominex is supported 24 hours, 7 days a week, even on holidays.

  • KYC is Apt

Although not everyone likes it, KYC is necessary, especially for security. Also, it serves as a sign of good business when AML and KYC procedures are incorporated. Thankfully, Nominex integrates KYC, which serves as an enterprise-wide risk assessment procedure to ascertain the company’s profile, staff training, internal procedures, AML audits, controls, and policies targeted at mitigating terrorist financing and money laundering risks, etc.

The company takes KYC and other security measures seriously, while making sure that its fees and charges are not above moderate in order to accommodate every kind of user. Overall, Nominex offers quality and instant service. You can sign up within a minute and start trading instantly.

  • Decent UI/UX

The platform offers a decent and well thought through user interface design that makes for a wonderful experience. In fact, it’s the first thing that catches the eye. This makes it easy for users to access any of the features quickly and effortlessly, make transactions instantly and more.

Nominex also features a blog and knowledge base. Users can earn commissions on tournaments, fees, and several other activities. In exactly three clicks, you can navigate to anywhere on the platform. The design is minimalist and instant. The interface is user-friendly, instead of cumbersome and chaotic like most other platforms.

  • Plenty of Earnings

Well, this exchange gives away lots of money (or allows users earn them too easily) in order to attract users. Active users get rewarded daily!

Additionally, the platform features an unprecedented referral program that offers 4 kinds of bonus offerings, and a plethora of other incentives. Very low fees are charged on transactions—and its clear that the platform was designed to help its users grow financially and through their crypto assets.

  • Constant Updates and Newer Features

Nominex dev team is one of the most hardworking teams in the business. They are constantly looking to integrate innovative features to make things all the easier for their users. They take user suggestions seriously and if you have a good idea, they’ll bring it to life. It’s that simple with Nominex.

For instance, where else do you get tournaments, demo mode, delegated controls, cards, etc.? The platform is built thoughtfully, with user interest firmly at the back of the minds of the dev team and management (or at least, they work hard enough to show that).

  • Innovative Token Distribution System

Nominex offers a unique hybrid token distribution system that is designed to help users profit while keeping them engaged and motivated. The referral system is virtually the most advanced (in terms of structure and incentives) in the industry. There’s so much to gain, even if you simply want to signup and put your referral link out there. You can earn up to $50,000 a week from doing that, all things going well.

  • Excellent Trust Ratings

It is difficult to find a bad review on Nominex on the internet. If any, you won’t find one saying that they were duped of their assets or investments. Nominex has a vast and solid community of users globally, and has carved a respectable niche for itself as an industry role model.

Additional Features

Nominex has a range of extensive features to make investing and trading convenient for every customer. Some of them include:

  • Security

The platform offers Multi-factor Authentication Protection that incorporates a combination of varication methods including SMS and email. All transactions signed and validated by you are guaranteed by Google Authenticator.

  • Convenience

Your Nominex portfolio can be accessed on the go from any device (PC, Tablet, Mobile). You can access your portfolio from anywhere and at any time, regardless of your current location.

  • Efficiency

Users can deposit and withdraw a wide range of crypto assets, including Rupiah quickly and effortlessly in less than 24 hours.

  • Member Services

Nominex provides 24 hours customer assistance, as well as an extended list of member services. You can call, chat, or email. You can contact the call center, or email the help center at

Nominex is the platform for traders and investors looking for a solid, secure, efficient, and dependable exchange services provider that guarantees growth.


Nominex is one exchange platform that clearly has user interest at heart. The platform has great functionality, formidable documentation, excellent trust ratings, and more. users are provided with accurate and timely information and guidance to help them succeed and grow their assets effortlessly. Also, the platform provides solid and robust security at every level. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a complete package.

Adebayo Owotunse (Nigeria)

Adebayo Owotunse is a versatile writer who has written hundreds of crypto articles for dozens of agencies across the years. He is now also the newest addition to the Tokenhell writers team.

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