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OpenAI-Backed 1X Nets $100M for Humanoid Robot Performing Household Tasks

The Robotics startup 1X is set to rival Tesla in its quest to build the NEO following the $100 million funding round. The bipedal robot design is set to execute various domestic tasks. 

The robotics manufacturer unveiled the newest humanoid robot, identified as NEO, featuring a design facilitating the autonomous execution of household tasks. The humanoid robot has a bipedal design, capable of walking on two legs and conversing via artificial intelligence. 

1X is the latest tech firm pursuing bringing robots into domestic space. The startup bets on the ostensibly lifelike appearance and capability to understand verbal commands. Besides, it is grasping objects and executing chores that only humans perform. 

1X Confirms Allocation Towards Humanoid Robot Project

1X is devoted to making the sci-fi vision a reality in an announcement hailing the $100 million raised during the Series B funding. The startup executives hailed the cash inflow realized through the leadership of EQT Ventures as it eyes to scale operations within the domestic robotics field. 


1X chief executive Bernt Børnich expressed excitement and gratitude for the input of the leading investors who actively supported the firm’s mission to safely deploy androids fitted with Smart Behavior into emerging markets. 

Børnich indicated in an official statement conveyed on Thursday, January 11, that 1X targets calling the data collection strategy in readiness for the Embodied AI and delivering NEO to the consumers. 

NEO constitutes the recent robots’ lineup though an evolution over the previous EVE model. The chief executive indicated that the support of notable global investors will help the firm bring NEO to the market. He clarified that NEO is the second generation of bipedal android uniquely designed for domestic usage. 

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Børnich indicated that NEO utilizes a unique design tailored to offer home assistance. As such, NEO is shifting the robotic technology usage away from the logistics and industrial functions to suit the domestic sphere.  

Review of 1X Vision in Labor Demands

A review of the 1X journey portrays a guided vision to harness AI’s and robotics’ potential to address global labor demands. The awareness of the inherent potential in merging AI and robotics convinced the Microsoft-backed OpenAI behind the ChatGPT to lead the $23.5 million round that helped unveil the startup. 

The involvement of OpenAI in the previous funding round raised expectations for NEO, particularly with the funds raised in the just concluded Series B round. 

EQT Ventures’ executive Ted Persson said that 1X, through its NEO androids, has a critical role in realizing technological and human future. 

The earlier model of 1X, identified as EVE, saw deployment across the US and Europe. The model portrayed remarkable versatility in its use in security guards patrol and serving within the healthcare settings. 

The EVE design features the humanoid head alongside the autonomously mobile arms. The design allows EVE to execute tasks previously considered exclusive to humans. 

NEO marks the latest addition to the startup’s lineup and is built upon the EVE foundation. The bipedal locomotion mirrors the human movement, thus easing its navigation and interaction within the domestic environment. 

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Børnich indicated that NEO integrates advanced AI, enabling it to learn and adjust relative to the immediate surroundings. This capability supports progressive advancement to execute complex domestic tasks.  

1X Takes on Rivals in AI and Robotics Space

The conclusion of the Series B funding round is set to help 1X take on other players in the AI-robotics field. Recently, Tesla chief Elon Musk confirmed the development of humanoid robots identified as Optimus. 

Musk hailed the integration of advanced features, particularly the hand movements and slimmer size, portraying Tesla’s devotion to revolutionizing the robotics space. 

1X seeks to rival Boston Dynamics, which emerged as a legend by showcasing robots with advanced intelligence and mobility. Its robots serve diverse functions suitable to challenging environments. The capabilities extend from industrial plants and distribution centers.

The realization of the 1X vision will undoubtedly showcase the diverse potential harbored by AI-powered robotics technology.  

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