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OpenAI Releases ChatGPT Application for Apple iPhone

On Thursday, the America-based artificial intelligence company OpenAI launched a chatbot ChatGPT for the iOS mobile phone. According to the press release, the positive feedback from the ChapGPT community inspired the OpenAI team to develop a chatbot that meets the need of Apple iPhone users.

In their report, the ChatGPT developers argued the iOS chatbox would have a free-to-download feature to enable diverse users to sync their history on their gadgets easily. They added the OpenAI user would garner endless benefits from the new ChatGPT.

Features of iOS ChatGPT

Surprisingly, the iOS ChatGPT will have a Plus subscription that will provide the OpenAI fans with quick responses and free access to additional features, including the GPT-4 products on their mobile phone. 


The OpenAI press release mentioned that after the successful launch of iOS ChatGPT, the developer will invest in developing a distinctive chatbot for Android users. In the meantime, the developers announced that the iOS user could only access the new ChatGPT through a third-party application. This API-powered application will enable OpenAI users easily access the ChatGPT feature through their phones.

Furthermore, the OpenAI team argued that the launch of iOS ChatGPT aligns with the company’s mission to revolutionize state of the art by developing innovative products that boost people’s quality of life. The quest to attain the desired level of empowerment challenged the OpenAI team to create products that are easily accessible.

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In the latter, the OpenAI team urged the ChatGPT community to be hypervigilant due to fake applications. The launch of the iOS ChatGPT came when the company faced heated arguments from the public due to its privacy concern. The community expressed concern about the features used by OpenAI to train the chatbot.

Importance of ChatGPT Mobile Application

They lamented that the ChapGPT could not delete the user chat history. The community criticism compelled the company to introduce a web browsing feature to outperform other market competitors such as Google and Microsoft.

Afterward, the chief executive of OpenAI, Sam Altman, engaged in dialogues with the US policymakers to deliberate on effective ways AI should be regulated. In his presentation, Altman urged the legislators to create a new regulatory agency for AI supervision.

He requested the policymakers to allow him to be in charge of the new office. During the two subsequent meetings with the US regulators, other members present voiced their proposal for AI regulations.

They suggested that AI firms to improve the transparency and explainability of the technology to address ethical concerns.

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Recently, the attempt to remain ahead of the curve motivated Google to launch a chatbot, Bard. The Google team plans to launch the Bard mobile version in the coming days to gain a competitive edge. Subsequently, Microsoft launched a similar product called Bing to outdo the fierce competition in the tech sector.

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