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OpenAI Unveils Voice Chatbot, Hailing Conversational Capabilities for New GPT-4o AI Model

Sam Altman-led OpenAI unveiled live illustrations of the GPT-40 AI model demonstrating its conversational capabilities. The ChatGPT developer announced GPT-40 AI model identified as GPT Omni that quickly drew comparisons with the virtual companion in the movie ‘Her.’

OpenAI Releases GPT-4o Model

OpenAI released the GPT Omni where O represents Omnimodel in a live steam update alongside other product upgrades that featured a voice chatbot. 

The GPT-4o’s capabilities to process multiple inputs simultaneously illustrates considerable advancement that OpenAI’s earlier AI tools struggled to sustain without losing a lot of information during multi-tasking.

The OpenAI confirmed immediate update for its mobile application following the GPT-4o and ChatGPT desktop app unveiling. The company assured the upgrades target enhacing the user experiences as it allows individuals focus on the conversations held with ChatGPT. 


OpenAI chief technology executive Mira Murati revealed that team has in the past years focused on enhancing intelligence in the existing models. The executive hailed the upgrades as the initial time OpenAI realized a huge leap to ease usage. 

The livestream reiterated the simplified and holistic approach to the generative AI. The omnimodel, typically identified as multimodal, involves a system that executes everything within the core application rather than coordinate among GPT for text and GPT Visions for images. 

Murati noted that the upgrade will yield the intuitive feel when experiencing the technology capabilities. As such, the team desired pairing the GPT-4o with the broader understanding. 

Murati assured GPT-4o availability to all ChatGPT and ChatGPT’s API users. The executive clarified that paid ChatGPT subscribers will access the system with fivefold capacity that of free users. 

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Murati affirmed the OpenAI resolve to finding ways to lower the friction as observed when availing ChatGPT without obligating signup flow. She added that since April ChatGPT 3.5 is available for access without the signup for the account.  

OpenAI Voice Chatbot Capabilities

OpenAI demonstrated the upgrade enhanced ChatGPT capabilities to hold real-time conservations. The demo featured the chatbot swap tones, emotions, singing, jokes and laughter with the OpenAI engineers. 

OpenAI added that ChatGPT is able to ascertain the emotional state of the user via the front-facing camera. The company’s blog post detailed a series of major developments aimed towards a natural human-computer interaction. 

The sping product announcements indicated that GPT-4o model accepts text, audio and image input while generating similar outputs.  It has proved capable to respond to audio inputs of 232 milliseconds and averaging 320 milliseconds that matches the human response time when holding conversation. 

Prior to the the announcements, technology and AI enthusiasts indicated a voice chatbot driven by the next-generation AI model would draw personal companions illustrated in the Her sci-fi movie.

The OpenAI engineers illustrated the software code copying using the ChatGPT desktop application. The team facilitated chat with ChatGPT about the code chatting and execution of real-time language translations in 20 languages. 

The demo featured ChatGPT explaining a mathematical prolem following the submission of the equation to the application. 

Controversy in AI-Generated Deepfakes

OpenAI reflected on its commitement to fight the exploitation of its tools in creating AI-generated deepfakes. The company admitted that the GPT-4o brings new safety challenges from its enhanced real-time audio and vision capabilities.

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Murati emphasized the commitment in OpenAI team to build mitigations against the tools misuse. The executive confirmed engaging multiple stakeholders on how to bring the technologies into the world responsibly. 

The annnouncement by OpenAI ended a month-long circulation of rumors predicting GPT-5 release, AI-powered Google search, and powering Apple’s Siri. A Friday May 10 publication by Bloomberg indicating OpenAI was edging closer to a deal bringing the Altman-led firm’s tools to the iPhone. 

OpenAI chief executive downplayed the rumors by ruling out the search engine and GPT-5 release. Instead, he promised a new in-house product that will deliver magic experience to the users. 

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