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Optimism Network Announces OP Token Unlock Worth $587M

With the initial vesting period for early contributors and investors approaching, there are concerns over the upcoming unlocking of over 386 million Optimism (OP) tokens. However, based on current valuations, this equates to an approximate value of $587 million.

Hence, the market continues to observe this significant event, mindful of its potential impact on the token’s value.

The Largest Crypto Unlocking Event

Marked as one of the prominent unlocking events this year, the May 31 release of OP tokens stands out due to its sheer magnitude. With the existing circulating supply of OP tokens currently standing at a modest 335 million, this scheduled unlock has the potential to more than double the current circulating supply.


Moreover, the anticipated surge in the available tokens raises significant interest and speculation within the community. The community has raised concerns about the potential implications of this unlock on the overall supply dynamics and value of the OP token.

Based on insights provided by Unlock Calendar, the token unlock research firm, there is a unique possibility of the upcoming Optimism unlock wielding substantial selling pressure on the native OP token. As some of the top investors in the Optimism network, notable crypto venture capital firms like Paradigm, IDEO CoLab Ventures, and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) hold important positions.

Per data obtained from CryptoRank, these investment firms, including Paradigm and IDEO, have witnessed an astonishing surge of over 10,000% in the value of their initial investments. Such remarkable returns serve as a testament to the early-stage success of Optimism and the strategic foresight demonstrated by these influential venture capital entities.

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Data shows that the average buy-in price for venture capital firms is estimated to be around $0.24. Thus, it implies that these firms have enjoyed a remarkable overall gain of approximately 529% on their investments.

Token unlock represent predetermined events wherein assets allocated to early-stage investors and significant contributors within crypto projects are made available for trading after a specific period of being held for a particular period.

Why Optimism?

Optimism operates as a layer-2 scaling solution strategically designed to enhance the speed, affordability, and overall efficiency of transactions and activities conducted on the Ethereum network. By utilizing innovative techniques, Optimism aims to address the scalability challenges faced by Ethereum, ultimately fostering a seamless user experience.

Meanwhile, the OP token serves as the governance digital asset of the Optimism network. It empowers holders to actively shape the network’s decision-making processes and contribute to its evolution.

In a significant move, Optimism initiated its inaugural airdrop on June 1, 2022. During this event, a substantial number of OP tokens were distributed to approximately 250,000 addresses linked to early adopters and users of the network.

Building on this momentum, Optimism carried out its second major airdrop on February 9, 2023. This subsequent distribution witnessed the allocation of over 11 million OP tokens, reaching up to 307,000 unique addresses.

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Despite experiencing transient surges in trading activity triggered by the airdrops, the price trajectory of the OP token has primarily followed a downward trend in recent months. In anticipation of the unlocking event, on-chain data shows that the token is in a short-term setback, currently trading at $1.51, marking an 8.5% decline within the past 24 hours.

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