Paycent (PYN) will Go Live on Binance DEX with Trading Contest

The first crypto flat card, Paycent has announced trading contest as its PYN tokens will go live on the market exchange Binance DEX.

The trading contest involves attractive giveaways and it would remain to continue for forty-five days.


In the cryptocurrency community, the most desired market exchange is Binance DEX and every product wants to get list their projects on this market exchange. And Paycent is succeeded fully in this matter and its token will go live on Binance on 3rd Sep 2019.

The biggest Trading Contest

This trading contest of Paycent is going to be the biggest trading contest in the history of cryptocurrency. As Paycent is offering brilliant gifts whose worth is $1,000,000 and it includes the goods like the $350,000 Bentley Bentyaga automobile, gold bar weighing a kilogram, 5 Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches and 500 more tangible gifts.

How to Qualify For contest

The trading contest would only be available for those who would have the PYN tokens. And traders can qualify for the contest by simply opening an account on the Binance DEX, deposit their BNB and begin trading with PYN/BNB pair.

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Helen Laylo who is the General Manager at Paycent while discussing the trading contest says:

We have the best community, their great commitment and engagement allowed us to get listed on Binance DEX. We want to show how we care, so let’s celebrate this great milestone participating in the biggest giveaway in the history of crypto. We tried to pick the prizes that will leave their mark and stay with those who win them. Having designed the trading competition in a way that gives every single trader the chance to win the main prize, we hope PYN-C37 traders and holders will enjoy the process, because this contest is worth it.

Paycent is already providing its services as a crypto flat debit card provider. It has provided more than 82,000 cards to its customers.

Other Prizes

The other prizes which will be given to the participants of the trading contest by the Paycent are preloaded Paycent cards, iPhone XR smartphones, with winners declared every 4, 12 and 24 hours respectively. It also involves the lucky draws as well in which the selected winners of the trading contest would receive luxury trips to hottest global destinations, 4K LED TVs, drones and some other gifts.

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