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Perplexity AI CEO Rules Out Selling Another ChatGPT

Aravind Srinivas intends to use a reliable ‘answer engine’ to alter the view of generative AI.

Daily, and mostly numerous times each day, a person is pitching a new artificial intelligence chatbot, expecting to leverage the international tech sensation born of ChatGPT’s unveiling in 2023. 

However, Aravind Srinivas, Perplexity AI’s chief executive officer, believes that chatbots are outdated. The world does not require another clone of OpenAI’s flagship artificial intelligence model. 

Srinivas told a media outlet that they intend to communicate vividly to the end user that another chatbot and a ChatGPT alternative are not being sold to them. Instead, Perplexity AI seeks to get answers to questions. 


Perplexity AI Eyes Offering Complete Answers

Further, Srinivas noted that the answer engine label originates from Perplexity AI’s core differentiator, which was developed to offer complete answers that comprise links to obtained data.

According to Srinivas, the founder’s academic background determined Perplexity’s design. He noted that in academia, each statement needs a reference for integrity. He said they seriously thought about it and considered the possibility of creating a product that is continually grounded in facts instead of fabricating things and saying what it wants. 

To help achieve its objective of developing a better artificial intelligence-enhanced search experience, Perplexity revealed fundraising of $74B. The amount was raised via a Series B funding led by IVP, a venture capital company. 

According to Srinivas, the funds will aid in scaling Perplexity to handle the consistent rise in users the platform has witnessed since its unveiling. He said that everyone was quite enthusiastic about ChatGPT. However, everything does not have to revolve around a chatbot, which might not even be the most effective user interface for search.

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Perplexity AI Completeness to Avert Follow-up Queries

Despite Perplexity being designed to provide follow-up replies to a query, Srinivas claimed the firm seeks to enhance artificial intelligence to a level where follow-up queries become less critical. This shows a profound understanding of the user’s objective from the previous response.

Perplexity AI’s initial unveiling was in August 2022 and was done by a group of scientists and developers from Quora, OpenAI, Databrick, and Meta.

Johnny Ho, Denis Yarats, Andy Konwinski, and Srinivas managed the team. Balaji Srinivasan, Kindred Ventures, Tobi Lutke, Bessemer Ventures Partners, NEA, Austen Allred, the Bezos Expedition Fund, Factorial Funds, Nat Friedman, Naval Ravikant, NVIDIA, Elad Gil, and Guillermo Raunch are examples of other fund’s participants. 

As firms strive to generate artificial intelligence models capable of being all things to all persons, Srinivas claims Perplexity is model cynical and utilizes the most suitable model for them and their users. 

Srinivas said that they pick the most suitable fit for every task instead of having a model ownership mentality. Their objective is to establish an optimal model for their particular product, which might not be the most appropriate for each scenario.

Perplexity Deploys Model-Agnostic Tactic

Srinivas noted the model-agnostic tactic permits Perplexity to adapt and utilize the most suitable model for every use case, which ensures the most appropriate outcomes. Besides, he said it is a perfect position when one is not tied to a specific model provider. 

The rapid increase of generative artificial intelligence tools after ChatGPT’s unveiling has resulted in most people comparing the development of the upcoming technology to a nuclear arms race. Additionally, there are worries concerning an artificial intelligence disruption, ranging from livelihood loss to complete eradication.

Two months ago, xAI’s chief executive officer, Elon Musk, envisaged the modern workforce’s end due to artificial intelligence (AI). He claimed that the world will witness something more intelligent for the first time compared to the most brilliant person. 

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It is difficult to say what the moment is. However, there will be a time when no job is required. This means that a person can have a job in case they want to have one for individual satisfaction, but artificial intelligence will still do everything. 

Perplexity’s Chief Upbeat About Generative AI’s Future

Srinivas claimed that despite the pessimism concerning generative AI, he remains upbeat about the technology’s future. He noted that despite feeling optimistic, he has a different view regarding generative AI than most people. He believes this technology should be viewed as a utility tool instead of an agent that substitutes people. Perplexity is envisioned to be that. 

Srinivas said that he wants Perplexity to be similar to a toaster that one can utilize but does not care about its existence. He also noted that artificial intelligence must not be identical to the AI Samantha from ‘Her,’ a 2013 film.

Instead, Srinivas noted that artificial intelligence must not judge and should always be prepared to respond and aid in eliminating the barrier to learning new subjects. He also claimed he is glad to have Perplexity embracing the fundamentals. 

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