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Regulated Forex Brokers – A Complete Guide For Online Traders

Regulated Forex Brokers

Our world today has experienced and is still experiencing several dynamic changes and new inventions. Several sectors have been influenced greatly by this global change. One of such is the financial sector of the world which has been quite strategic to the world’s development. A very good example of such shifts in the financial sector is the existence of foreign exchange. Before the advent of the forex market, as it is presently known, commodities that were traded globally were few, and transactions involving either individuals or countries had so many processes involved. With the coming of the forex market, several commodities can now be traded from anywhere in the world.

The forex market is currently a major feature of the world’s economy as it sees over $5 trillion worth of trade in several countries of the world. This liquid market has over time been a huge source of strength financially for the economies of various countries. It has gained so much popularity as a result of the abundance of opportunities it presents for individuals and firms. Another visible advantage of this market is the ease of access which it grants to users and investors. People can place a trade on commodities available without having to go through much stress.

Making money from force investments is a reliable source of income and can help an individual become financially stable. To make investments, however, there’s a need to employ the services of a forex broker.  These are individuals or firms that help investors navigate properly and help them make transactions that would profit them. However, in choosing one,  there are certain things to be considered like whether or not it is regulated. Forex brokers can either be regulated or otherwise but a regulated one is the most advisable means of making forex investments.

What does a regulated broker mean

Most monetary institutions currently in existence are guided by certain rules and regulations. This helps to give them a genuine desire for continuity of activities, especially in troubling economic times. It also contributes for individuals to trust them with their financial resources as they are assured of their commitment to their continued existence. The concept of regulation in forex is attributed to corporations whose activities and operations involving foreign exchange are guided by regulations from certain agencies that also act in a supervisory capacity. These regulations include guidelines on how the platforms should run their business. They also establish a form of framework for the operational and monetary ethics of these companies.

These brokers also readily obey the procedures for operations already laid down. Most of them are often regulated by two or more supervisory agencies thereby providing a higher degree of trust and credibility.

Such forex brokers are also expected at certain intervals to submit financial reports to the bodies overseeing their affairs. They also have their account subjected to audit by qualified personnel. Forex exchange platforms of this nature also have to run a sufficient amount of monetary reserve and liquidity to ensure sustainability and availability for a long time. By submitting themselves to these procedures, these firms earn a form of trust and credibility on a general scale. As far as forex trading is concerned, regulated forex brokers are best to invest with as there is a guarantee for individual investments.

Benefits of regulated forex brokers

In a world so digitized as ours, individuals have become skeptical even as cyber and digital crimes increase. The role of forex firms in the financial sector is one not to be taken for granted and so, regulated firms are very essential to the success and growth of every investor in the sector. This is because they help to bring and connect the buyers and sellers of various commodities in the market. It is, therefore, necessary to be involved with a forex company that has an organized business strategy and a favorable reputation. It is on this note that regulated brokers are highly recommended as they guarantee the safety of funds placed in their care. Investments are secured because the activities of these firms are guided by other regulatory bodies higher and in many cases more professional.

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The guidelines under which regulated firms operate also ensure that the accounts of persons registered with such companies are closely monitored. Investors’ data also stays confidential at all times to avoid any case of impersonation or misrepresentation. Another benefit of these firms that operate under regulation is that funds invested in them are kept safe, even in case of economic trouble or constraints. It is achieved through the separate accounts in which the brokers keep investors’ funds. In the advent of unforeseen events such as debt, investors can still be assured of their funds as their protection requires that their money be refunded. For forex inclined persons, this is in itself an added advantage absent in deregulated brokers.

Some regulatory agencies in the forex industry

It is a usual claim by brokers today to be regulated but it is necessary to confirm and ascertain the truths of such claims before entering into any business relationship. Several forex companies operate in different regions of the world. Some of them have their activities guided by two or more agencies while others are checked by just one body. It is however advisable for a forex company to have clearance from more than one regulatory body.

This is because an additional membership results in extra scrutiny and supervision which would, in turn, protect such establishments against cases of theft and fraud. Several countries have their regulatory agencies under which forex firms are mandated to be monitored.

We have the FCA which oversees the activities of forex companies within the UK while forex companies in the US fall under the jurisdiction of the NFA.  The CFTC which is also a U.S regulatory agency also contributes to enforcing guidelines for forex activities. Being supervised by these bodies is a testimony of more credibility and trustworthiness. For forex companies in Europe, regulation is carried out by CySec. There are also no restrictions to the number of regulatory agencies which a firm is guided by neither are their geographical barriers. Regulated forex brokers usually make the fact that they are supervised public knowledge to stamp their validity and credibility in the minds of investors.

Popular regulated forex brokers

Most people currently prefer dealing with regulated brokers which assure them of the safety of their funds. Thus, most of these regulated forex firms are quite popular within the foreign exchange industry. Several of these firms are used globally in various continents including Africa. Most of them are also under supervision by two or more supervisory agencies thus ensuring a level of trust and confidence for their users. Below are a few regulated foreign exchange firms being used presently.


It is a company with a great reputation as it currently functions with guidelines in compliance with ASIC and FCA’s directive thus solidifying the degree of trust for their traders. It offers traders multiple account options to trade with, giving them a chance to make choices based on their expectations and capital levels. The accounts available on Pepperstone include Standard account, Swap-Free, and Razor accounts, each of them coming with added advantages and benefits. With this broker, traders are introduced to three major platforms which are MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4, and cTrader. For beginners and novice investors who are new to the forex environment, the demo account feature can get them familiar in no time.

Like most regulated brokers, Pepperstone accepts deposits through several ways which also include PayPal, Neteller, and other platforms giving the individuals ease when making investments. Pepperstone is a trusted forex company that boasts of a regular $9.2 billion daily trade volume value from about 110,000 trading accounts.

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While offering investors trade options, the broker also helps increase the forex knowledge of each user with the provision of educational materials. This way, investors earn on the market and still acquire relevant data which is strategic to the field.


Registered under CySec, this trading company has become notably used by investors. This is because it offers trade options for not just forex alone but also metals and some other entities. Cryptocurrencies are also transacted on the broker, just that these transactions are done via CFDs. The company also offers multiple reading platforms like MetaTrader and cTrader.

An important feature is the existence of its OctaFX app which simplifies the trading process to an easily understandable level. especially for novices. Most traders with his company often use the MetaTrader 4 Micro account for most of their investments. Some enjoy having the MetaTrader 5 Pro account and using it when trading. The cTrader ECN however enjoys relatively fair usage. In addition, demo accounts, and swap-free accounts are special features of the company which continually help them retain their traders. It is not traded publicly and this is a discouraging factor for many traders. Like most brokers, it offers educational materials and research works on the forex market, commodities, and operations.

Even though OctaFX offers MetaTrader, tradable entities on the platform are however limited, reducing traders’ choices in carrying out transactions. This limitation has caused pricing to be less competitive than expected thus lessening the profit rates of merchants. OctaFX is a firm that has seen certain developments and upgrades, especially in recent times to meet the changing needs of traders. Its single regulatory status which is not entirely convincing of its continuity, efficiency, and credibility does not however discourage the company from laying out plans and mapping strategies to expand its growth. 


It is known to be the most regulated forex broker globally as it is regulated under six very credible supervisory bodies in about three different continents. With a regulatory status that gives it an edge, OANDA, an international CFD broker, provides forex solutions alongside currency conversions for people on their platform. It is not involved in just foreign currency exchange alone as it deals in other commodities such as metals and indices. The firm also boasts of its trading platform, native to the company, and is where most trading activities take place. This platform can be accessed on various interfaces as the user chooses.

Most traders find this platform secure and more credible due to the status that associates it with agencies such as FCA, CTFD, and the ASIC.

This regulated forex broker provides the choice of dual accounts which are standard and premium. Both of them come with various gains and special aspects that make them stand out. For beginners who are quite unfamiliar with the forex market, the demo account available can help them understand the basic forex operations and to navigate within it.

OANDA founded in 1996 is regarded as a very safe forex company currently in existence. As a corporation, it also provides adequate research work on current market events thus contributing to the success of its traders.

Furthermore, research is also provided where vital information and forex education are made available to individuals to help increase them on their investment journey. The educational materials come in formats very relatable to individuals for easy understanding and practice. The fxTrade platform which is very easy to navigate and use successfully is made available by this company.


It is a forex giant that stands out as a reliable, credible, and trusted forex firm as it operates under the supervision of six agencies, much to the delight of its investors. About seventy-six tradeable instruments are accessible on IG, making it a massive attraction for traders globally. Amazingly, the financial company is also a publicly traded firm further strengthening its place in the foreign exchange industry. It came into existence in 1974 and since then it continually assures traders of its continuity.

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One unique feature of this platform is that it provides a display of commodities and their corresponding markets based on the location of the investor. This means that the market of whatever commodity chosen by the trader is what is shown to traders and this display correlates with the geographical location of traders. Forex traders often prefer trading with IG as its platforms come with interfaces that are very easy to interact with. This single feature contributes significantly to their continuous patronage and utility by forex traders. In addition to the simplicity of the trading platforms offered, traders with this company have access to a wide array of research relating to the market overview which is always of standard and excellent quality.

Over the years, this quality market research offered has greatly helped traders make the right decisions concerning the buying or selling of certain commodities. Market research by this broker is often accompanied by recent news and updates in the forex market in general thus keeping their traders abreast of the latest developments in the forex world. For novices and forex enthusiasts who are limited in their knowledge of the operations of the forex market, trading with this firm is just the perfect way to learn the essentials of trading. In the area of forex education, IG sets the pace for all other forex brokers as it offers educational content in different formats.  The forex company goes even further with the creation of an app solely dedicated to providing education for traders and the organization of weekly webinars much to the delight of traders.

CMC Markets

This trading company is known to have the most suitable web trading platform in the forex industry which contributes considerably to its customer base and trading volume. It is a globally trusted firm also known for excellent market prices which enable traders to earn as much as they can. Most traders with this firm are offered a variety of trading options and opportunities as the firm deals with almost ten thousand tradable instruments, thus increasing the chances of trading success. The forex broker which has been in existence since 1989, is trusted all around the world and offers trading options at a low cost to traders. With trading platforms that are designed to pay close attention to speed and ease of accessibility, traders are encouraged to go even further into the forex world. Forex education is also an important service offered by the broker as educational materials which are largely in written and video formats are made available. Timely webinars which are aimed at expanding traders’ knowledge of the market are also being hosted by the forex company. This contributes immensely to their status as a well-known and frequently used forex broker


For most traders in the forex market, regulated brokers would always be their first choice as it provides a sense of guarantee and confidence. It also reduces the risk involved in trading in such a volatile market to a considerable level. Therefore, any trader who hopes to gain from the market should begin with registering with a regulated forex firm that you can trust with your investments. Regulated forex brokers have become essential features of the forex industry whose continuous existence has been proven over and over.

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