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Religious Leaders Contemplates on Adopting Metaverse

With the emergence of new technologies, most businesses and investors are adopting advanced devices to automate business practices and maximize productivity. The burgeoning tech industry has inspired individuals and entities to acquire new machinery to transform business operations.

Besides the profit-chasing motives, the advanced tools are gaining popularity in churches and religious centres as an avenue to spread the good news to multitudes. 

Benefits of Metaverse

Lately, religious leaders have been silently migrating from 2D screens and audio broadcasts to Web3, artificial intelligence (AI) and metaverse technologies. The growing adoption of emerging technologies in churches aims at engaging the digital generation. 

Also, churches use advanced technologies to reach large audiences and transform religious practices. Even though the adoption of emerging technologies has faced criticism from various religious leaders, it is considered the most effective approach to spreading the gospel.


However, some religious leaders have been reluctant to use the advanced technologies in churches due to the risks associated with these new devices. Despite the risks associated with technological advancement, some religious leaders are still optimistic that the future of religion is predetermined by technology. 

A statement from the professor at the University of Glasgow, Sreevas Sahasranamam, demonstrated that the metaverse technology has massive potential to transform Hindu belief. 

Religious Leaders Plan to Adopt Emerging Technologies

The professor believes that the metaverse will offer Hindu believers an impressive experience while receiving the teachings of Geetopadesha. Mr Sahasranamam stated that the metaverse technology allows the Hindus to receive teaching at their comfort of their living rooms. 

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The advanced technology encourages the Hindus to actively undertake the role of Arjuna through a ray-ban meta glass. Based on the metaverse feature, the executive noted that these technologies bring Hindus closer to their god. 

Sahasranamam restated that the metaverse offer virtual realities that allow believers to comprehend the Hindu scriptures and religious narratives. When conducting their regular Dhaya Sahasranamam, observed that the metaverse technologies offer an impressive experience for meditation.

The metaverse has proven to be a meditation tool that offers a more profound and meaningful experience of self-directed awareness. With the growing adoption of a metaverse in religious practices, some leaders dispute that advanced technology will not replace traditional worship centres. 

Impact of Adopting Emerging Technologies in Churches

A statement from christian leaders Gavin Ortlund and Jay Kim revealed that the metaverse would supplement some religious activities. The two theology scholars believe that metaverse technology will support spreading the gospel to large audience.

In their argument, the duo noted that adopting metaverse in churches was becoming an oxymoron. They stated that metaverse won’t replace some religious practices such as baptism, the Lord’s supper and others since some practices required the presence of the congregation.

Kim and Ortlund argument mirrors a similar perception by the Catholic church concerning the adoption of a metaverse in spiritual practices. The Catholic leaders have been leveraging the power of metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Web3 to spread the gospel.

Religious People Prefer Metaverse Church

Even though Pope Francis has been reluctant to embrace emerging technologies, the Catholic church has been championing the responsible use of new technology. With the ever-evolving tech industry, the Catholic church called for the ethical use of advanced technologies.

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In December 2023, Pope Francis cautioned Christians about the risks of artificial intelligence. He advised policymakers to prioritize developing AI regulations to ensure its ethical use. The Pope regret that the growing adoption of AI will lead to shortages of professionals.

Also, Pope Francis predicts that AI development will impact technology dictatorship. Citing the dangers caused by AI-generated fake news, the Pope lamented that misuse of this advanced technology will damage the media reputation.

Moreover, Pope Francis warned that the development of AI will only benefit a small group, leaving the rest unemployed. Besides the shortcomings of AI, Pope acknowledge that this technology has played a critical role in improving efficiency and productivity in most industries.

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