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Researchers Claim Claude AI’s Worst Version Triumphs GPT 3.5

Anthropic’s models are freely available, and according to a new international ranking, each beats OpenAI’s free model. The artificial intelligence (AI) industry is experiencing a riveting competition between the famous ChatGPT and Claude AI models.

The Large Model System organization (LMSO) is behind the making of the Chatbot Arena and the famous Vicuna model. Recently, it improved its Chatbot Arena Leaderboard, an indicator of how every artificial intelligence chatbot matches its rivals.

It has been established that Anthropic is providing competition to OpenAI despite its models being free to utilize.

Anthropic Claude Model Outclass GPT-3.5

GPT-4 is central to Bing AI and ChatGPT4 and leads with the highest score. As such, it develops the benchmark for Large Language Models (LLMs). However, an unanticipated underdog story is disclosed as one shift down the leaderboard. Currently, the GPT-3.5 is outclassed by Anthropic Claude models, including Claude 1, Claude 2, and Claude Instant. The GPT-3.5 is at the core of ChatGPT’s free version. This indicates that each LLM created by Anthropic can beat ChatGPT’s free version.


LMSO’s thorough ranking model offered perception concerning the models’ performance metrics. The leaderboard shows that GPT-4’s Arena Elo Rating is 1181, which results in a significant lead in the chart. Additionally, Claude model’s ratings range from 1119 to 1155. Finally, GPT-3.5’s rating is 1115.

The ranking of the models entails making them ‘battle’ in matches having the same prompts. The model that provides the most suitable wins, while the other loses. Despite users’ preferences determining the winner, they are never aware of the competing models.

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An earlier report highlighted the variation in the token processing abilities between Claude Pro and ChatGPT. Despite not being a factor in the ranking by LMSO, it is a significant advantage possessed by Claude models over GPT.

Up to 100K information tokens can be processed by Claude Pro based on the Claude 2LLM. On the other hand, 8192 tokens can be handled by ChatGPT Plus, supported by the GPT-4. The discrepancy in token processing capability highlights the superiority held by Claude models in the management of extensive contextual inputs. Additionally, this is critical for an improved and refined user experience.

Concerning long prompt handling, Claude 2 has demonstrated dominance over GPT by effectively managing prompts of a more significant magnitude. Nevertheless, in situations where prompts are similar, Claude 1 and Claude Instant offer the same or slightly improved outcomes than GPT-3.5, thus demonstrating the models’ competitive nature. Concerning context competencies of Claude, more extensive, improved, and richer prompts can be utilized to enhance a poor initial answer dramatically.

Open-source frameworks are not far behind. At present, they play a critical role in creating the artificial intelligence space for various reasons. They can be managed locally, thus allowing users to tweak them and involve the community in improving the model. In addition, their licenses make it inexpensive to run them, which is why spaces have numerous open source Large Language Models and few proprietary models.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Game Integrate Numbers and Real-World Consequences

The artificial intelligence chatbot game is not just about numbers. It entails real-world consequences. Since chatbots are becoming critical in different sectors, from client service to personal assistants, their adaptability, efficiency, and precision have become important. 

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Claude models’ ranking is higher than GPT-3.5, which might result in individual users and firms being in critical situations. In this case, they must assess the model aligning best with their needs. Two guides have been prepared to guide them in picking the most suitable model.

Concerning the inexperienced, this may be a leaderboard update. However, for persons closely monitoring the artificial intelligence industry, it is a testimony of how ferocious the competition is and how quickly things can change. For the undecided, this is a reminder that in artificial intelligence, the most recent and famous model can be the most effective. 

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