Ripple XRP is still below $0.23 meanwhile 25M XRP has been moved

The world’s third-ranked cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) is still trading below $0.23 meanwhile it has been reported that 25 million XRP has been transferred from Binance to Coinbase.

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Ripple is struggling to get over the mark of $0.23 but has not succeeded so far. The price of the coin has been holding the mark of $0.22 for a long time and it went further below this mark on 3rd Dec 2019 reaching the $0.21 figure. Though the price of the coin has made a recovery and touched the point of $0.22 but it is still below the $0.23 mark.

At the time of writing, the price value of the coin is trading at $0.220678 USD.

Another Large XRP Transaction

There has occurred another large transaction of XRP. Whale Alert has reported that recently, 25 million XRP has been sent from Binance to Coinbase.

Ripple unlocks one billion XRP coins every month and every time the community shows its reaction. Some people believe that this is the reason that the price of the coin is not going up. Recently on 1st Dec, when Ripple unlocked one billion coins, the crypto community accused of Ripple and its co-founder Jed McCaleb.

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Again on this transaction, the community has shown its reaction. A Twitter user named Justine criticizes the co-founder of Ripple, Jed McCaleb and says “thanks for the dump Jed”.

Another Twitter user says that there is a chance that the sender might be using Coinbase exchange for the sake of its custodial service and many people are expecting the coin to surge very soon.

Ripple is accused of using XRP for purchasing real-life Business

Ripple has been accused of using XRP for buying real-life business. A crypto influencer named @Crypto_bitlord has recently accused Ripple and said that Ripple is dumping on the community so that it could acquire real-life business

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He mentioned MoneyGram and said that Ripple owns almost ten percent of MoneyGram.


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