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RoyalStox Review – Foray Into the Trading World With Confidence

RoyalStox Broker Ranking
Account Types9.6
Trading Speed9.4
Customer Support9.2
The easy-to-use platform, the availability of numerous assets, the security, banking diversity, account options and customer support do make RoyalStox an excellent broker.

RoyalStox Review

RoyalStoxWho doesn’t want to make quick money? Wouldn’t it be great to achieve your financial goals quickly so you can spend your time reaping their benefits? You don’t want to spend your entire life saving for retirement and not having fun while you can. Likewise, you cannot stop planning your retirement either because you don’t want to end up high and dry. You can do a Google search to find the best ways of making money quickly and trading would stand out as one of the top options. There are numerous markets you can trade in, which means there is lot of room for everyone.

Plus, the flexibility of this world and the low barriers to entry has also made it a popular option. But, in order to begin, you first need to look for a broker. If you take a look at your options, you will notice that today’s market is literally swarming with brokers. New online brokers are popping up every now and then because of the popularity of trading. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that each of them are capable of delivering the right services. It is true that there are some brokers in the market who excel at their job, but you will also find that the market is rich with scam and fraud brokers as well.

You need to understand that opting for the most expensive broker in the market is not a guarantee of their legitimacy. The key is to find a well-rounded broker that can offer you a comprehensive set of features for trading purposes. Having to switch brokers after every few months is a big hassle and every trader wishes to avoid this. It takes up a lot of your valuable time and also causes you to miss good trading opportunities. If you don’t want to face these consequences, it is best to find the right broker in the first go. There is where RoyalStox  will surprise. While it specializes in forex and crypto trading, the broker offers its clients the opportunity to trade other assets as well.

Introduction to RoyalStox

It is true that as compared to the other brokerages in the market, RoyalStox is relatively newly established, but it has made up for it in spades by offering a comprehensive trading solution to traders, no matter what their background. It was launched by people who themselves had experience in the trading world and so they did a very good job at coming up with a platform that eliminated a lot of issues traders face with brokers. The purpose of this broker is to give its clients access to the various financial markets in the world to help them in making the most of trading. But, what kind of trading?

RoyalStox specializes in CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading, which is quite popular these days. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t require traders to physically purchase the asset they are trading; instead trading occurs on the basis of contracts. Then, how do traders make a profit? In CFD trading, you have to predict price movements of your chosen assets in the near future in order to capitalize on their market movements. Offering this form of trading has allowed RoyalStox to offer a huge variety of assets to its traders.

The broker has also made significant effort in creating a positive trading environment for its traders. They have put in a great deal of time in developing an easy-to-use trading platform, have expanded their portfolio of assets, stitched up their security and have added a number of trading tools and features to simplify the process as much as possible. They have geared their offerings to complete newbies, beginners and advanced traders due to which you can continue with this broker in the long run.

Some of the aspects of the broker that has given confidence to its traders are;

The Diverse and Extensive Asset Index

What exactly do you want to trade? This is the first question that you have to answer before you can start trading or even choose a broker. If you are only interested in just a single financial instrument and the broker you have chosen doesn’t offer it, all your time and effort will go down the drain. You could start with a broker specializing in the asset that interests you, but it is better to go with one that offers a range of different assets. Why? This is helpful if you wish to expand your portfolio in the future in order to benefit from diversification. Knowing this, RoyalStox has ensured that everyone can find what they need on its trading platform.

From forex to stocks to commodities and indices, RoyalStox has added a variety of assets to suit the trading style of every individual. The broker claims to offer you more than 1,000 tradeable assets on its platforms, which means you will certainly not run out of options to invest in. Starting with foreign currency, RoyalStox is offering traders the opportunity to trade 17 currency pairs. These include major, minor as well as exotic currency pairs as well. Hong Kong Dollar, South African Rand, Turkish Lira, Russian Ruble and Singapore Dollar are just some of the unique options that the broker has added to its asset index.

It also has some of the top currency pairs in the market, such as NZD/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD and USD/CAD. If you are a new trader, it is best to stick with major and popular currency pairs because the exotic ones are more volatile, which means the risk is greater. It is best not to risk your investment with exotic options when you can trade major ones with more ease as they have a ton of information available. If currencies don’t interest you, RoyalStox has commodities to offer. Here again, you will find an impressive variety including gold, silver, oil, gas, coffee, corn and more.

Moving on, RoyalStox has also added the option of trading indices because they are also a profitable investment. In fact, they have incorporated some of the top ones to make this kind of trading more lucrative for people. These include NASDAQ, IBEX, SPI, FTSE and DAX, amongst others. If you are into the traditional, the stock market is one you should definitely look at and RoyalStox gives you the opportunity to do so. The broker has offered the stocks of some of the leading companies in the world, like Intel, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Bank of America, Total, Apple, Coca Cola, SNAP, AT&T, PayPal and Adidas.

If these offerings were not enough, RoyalStox has now also added the option of trading cryptocurrencies through their trading platform. They have kept up with the times and ensured that their clients can invest in some of the most prominent crypto options, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin. The broker has not held back this option like other brokers because it knows the potential of this new trading asset.

The Versatile and Innovative Trading Platform

There is no doubt that every single feature a broker offers can have an impact on your overall trading experience. However, it is essential to understand that the most important element around which your trading experience is based is the trading platform provided by the broker. This is the software through which you will make your trades in real time in the different markets. It is the hub of all your activities with the broker and if it doesn’t work well, your experience with the broker will suffer. This platform provides you with access to trading tools that you can use for making decisions. You can get price alerts or the latest news via this platform.

Understanding the role it plays in trading, RoyalStox has developed a versatile and innovating platform for the traders. The good thing about the broker is that it gives you the golden opportunity of trying out its platform via the demo account. You are provided with credits when you open a demo account where you will experience trades that are simulations of actual trades. This is a great benefit because it allows you to get a firsthand experience of how the actual platform will be. If it doesn’t work for you, there is no need for you to put your actual money at risk.

What kind of trading platform does RoyalStox offer? The broker has started its offerings with a web-based trading platform. It is one of the most convenient options because it saves you from the hassle of having to download anything and also gives you a great deal of flexibility. You can access it on any device that has a browser and it doesn’t depend on the device’s performance to work well. Moreover, you don’t have to take any responsibility regarding maintenance, downloading security updates or others because this is done by the broker.

The trading platform is incredibly responsive and boasts a wide array of graphs, charts and other indicators that come in handy during trading. Everything is within easy access via the dashboard and the cutting edge technology allows you to make your trades in real-time and see them reflected right away. But, this is not where RoyalStox versatility end. The broker has also kept up with the changing times and has introduced a mobile trading platform as well. This one is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and works just as smoothly on your smartphone as the web-based platform.

While the platform has been optimized for mobile, it doesn’t make any compromises in terms of user-interface. You can access the same powerful and innovative features on the mobile platform and enjoy trading on the go.

The Custom Account Choices Available

In order to begin your trading journey with any broker, you would first need to open an account with them and this is no different when you opt for RoyalStox. These account options are custom-developed for meeting the needs of different kinds of traders. Some people opt for trading as a hobby, others are only interested in trying their luck in the market while there are also those who wish to make a career in it. As their goals vary, so do their requirements and the best way to cater to them is to offer multiple account options.

RoyalStox has done that as have many other brokers. But, what makes the former different is that their account choices are plentiful, which enables them to target the categories of traders in a better way. The account choices that you will find at RoyalStox are:


This account type is developed for those with zero experience and knowledge of trading. Therefore, you start with the basics, which involves depositing EUR 500 and enjoying 10% leverage in this account. You can invest more as well, but not more than EUR 2,500. There is a loyalty bonus provided for signing up for the basic account, which is 30%. This account option comes with advanced charts and trading alerts. You can also get part-access to RoyalStox Education Center.


The second option that RoyalStox offers is called the Silver account and this one is for those with a bit of knowledge about trading. The minimum and maximum deposit requirements for this account are EUR 2,500 and EUR 10,000. The features and bonus of the Basic account are available in the Silver account as well, but leverage is kicked up a notch to 20%. The account gives you customer support 24/5 in case you have issues and also gives you the opportunity of attending trading sessions twice weekly.


The third account option that you will come across on RoyalStox is called the Gold account and this one can be opened by depositing EUR 10,000. You can increase your investment up to EUR 50,000 if you wish. It is regarded as a premium account because it is for semi-skilled traders who can enjoy a higher leverage of 30%. The best part about this account is that you can now get unrestricted access to RoyalStox education center and this allows you to attend webinars conducted by expert traders and enroll in various courses. The account also gives you access to exclusive trading alerts and updates and lets you enjoy a greater number of trading sessions.


This account is designed for serious and skilled traders who have been trading for several years in the market. It can be opened with a deposit of EUR 50,000 and you can go as high as EUR 250,000. As it is for those who know they are doing, the Platinum account gives you access to a higher loyalty bonus of 40% and the leverage is also the increased to 40% to make things more lucrative. The account also provides traders with unlimited trading sessions and traders can enjoy Daily Market Review, along with money management features. Other than that, all other features of the accounts mentioned above can also be accessed in this account.

5: VIP

The last account choice that RoyalStox is offering on its platform is called the Diamond account. It has been designed for professional and VIP traders who don’t have a problem in investing EUR 250,000. There is no maximum limit to the money you can invest in this account option. It is an excellent account for those who are ready to take big risks to earn big. Junior and senior account managers are available in the Diamond account and the loyalty bonus and leverage available is increased to as much as 50%.

You can go over these choices and choose an account option that meets your needs and gives you access to the features you believe you will use.

The Easy Banking Options

When you go over the account options mentioned above, you will notice that you need to deposit funds in order to open an account. The question is how do you deposit them and how will you withdraw any of the profits you earn? You also need to know if there are any fees applicable for adding or withdrawing funds as this can increase your trading costs. An appealing feature of RoyalStox is that they have chosen to be transparent where their banking methods and fees are concerned. When it comes to making deposits, RoyalStox has given you a range of options that include the traditional and the modern.

You can choose the bank wire transfer option if that seems convenient or you can also choose to use your debit or credit cards for adding funds. The broker has also added e-wallets and payment services to its offerings, which include Neteller, GiroPay and more. As far as withdrawals are concerned, you can use the same method for withdrawal that you use for deposits. You should remember that if you are withdrawing profits, you can only use the bank wire transfer option. If you are wondering how long deposits and withdrawals will take, then you should know that your choice of method will determine this.

Deposits are absolutely free of cost on RoyalStox, no matter what option you use. The broker does not charge you anything for them, but there is a fee associated with withdrawal. This will depend on the amount you withdraw and the method used.

A Strong Security Architecture

Anyone who has been associated with the trading world or keeps up with it is aware of the importance of security. Even when you browse the internet, you know there are security risks. Someone could steal your personal information and use it for criminal activities or your financial data can be compromised to steal your funds. Therefore, the fact that you have to share such sensitive data with a broker can be a major issue for some people. With RoyalStox, you don’t need to worry about the safety and security of your data because the broker takes these rather seriously.

The broker has made full use of the sophisticated encryption technology that’s available today. Using this technology, they encrypted every single piece of information that’s entered by traders on their website. Even if their security is compromised and hackers find the information, it will be fully encrypted and of no use to them. In addition, the RoyalStox has also added a strong KYC policy. This is referred to as Know Your Customer, which means the broker requires you to verify your identity before allowing you to avail their services.

You have to give proof of ID and address, which prevents cyber-criminals from signing up with them for the purpose of stealing any data. There is also an AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy in place for ensuring the broker’s platform is not used by traders for laundering money. The broker also uses a strong firewall to keep third parties out and hackers at bay.

The Round-the-Clock Customer Care

Any broker that wishes to be successful in the market needs to offer top notch customer care or else it will not last long. The trading world can be a confusing one and traders may have many questions and concerns. RoyalStox has ensured that round-the-clock customer support is provided to anyone who signs up on their platform.

The good thing about their customer support is that you can access it through multiple methods. There are a number of email addresses provided. You can also use the live chat option to speak to an agent right away. A callback option can also be scheduled at your convenience. You can also get in touch with their customer support via phone and they have provided phone numbers for different countries to assist international traders.


The easy-to-use platform, the availability of numerous assets, the security, banking diversity, account options and customer support do make RoyalStox an excellent broker. The education center, the trading tools and their low spreads and margins are just a cherry on top for those who wish to start trading with complete confidence.





RoyalStox Broker Ranking
Account Types9.6
Trading Speed9.4
Customer Support9.2
The easy-to-use platform, the availability of numerous assets, the security, banking diversity, account options and customer support do make RoyalStox an excellent broker. produces top quality content exposure for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies and startups. We have provided brand exposure for thousands of companies to date and you can be one of them too! All of our clients appreciate our value / pricing ratio. Contact us if you have any questions: Cryptocurrencies and Digital tokens are highly volatile, conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Some of the posts on this website are guest posts or paid posts that are not written by our authors (namely Crypto Cable , Sponsored Articles and Press Release content) and the views expressed in these types of posts do not reflect the views of this website. Tokenhell is not responsible for the content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or any other content posted on the site. Read full terms and conditions / disclaimer.

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