Why Might Not Be the Answers to Your Prayers (They are Scammers Too!)

So, you wanted to make money by trading online and people told you that you could without any fears. You signed up with a broker you thought was the best in the industry and then you were met with some shocking news. You signed up with a broker that was not a broker at all. It was a scam in disguise that only wanted you to deposit your hard-earned earnings into a trading account. This trading account was nothing more than a net that was going to catch the amount you threw in it. What can you do now? Is there a way out?

ScamsRecovery Review

You started searching for online money recovery services to find the answer to that question. Your research landed you on a website that promised that it would get all your money back before you knew it. Could they be telling you the truth? Was it really possible to get the money back that was once taken by an online scammer? Now, if the name of that money recovery service is Scams Recovery, I am pretty sure that you are not going to get anything back. All you are going to get are some promises that the company will never fulfill.

I am not against recovery services. In fact, I want more similar services to emerge on the scene and protect online traders and investors more and more. However, what I want is authentic websites and teams protecting traders from scammers. In the case of, I think it is nothing more than false claims. Why do I think that? Let me show you.

What about Self-protection?

First of all, it seems very weird to me that a company that is supposed to bring the money back from the scammer for traders is eventually telling traders that they are on their own. I understand that they are trying to tell you that you should be careful when you trade online. However, I don’t think they have chosen the right place to say that. They are talking about self-care and self-protection right on the home page of the website. That’s the place where I think they are only supposed to tell you how they will protect you and your money. They should not be hinting towards the fact that you are on your own.

Okay, let’s say I am only nitpicking and making an issue out of nothing. So, if they are talking about self-protection, why don’t they offer something valuable? I mean, when you are doing something and someone from the back tells you to not do it in a certain way, don’t you expect them to tell you how you are supposed to do it? I think that part is completely missing on their website. They tell you about self-protection but offer you absolutely nothing. I had expected them to provide traders with some tips right then and there on how to protect themselves from getting scammed.

The “How” Is Never Explained

If I tell you that I could help you get to the other side of the world in only 12 hours without costing you more than $500, you have to ask me how I am going to do that. You won’t just believe me and hand me over your money to do that. Firstly, you will be skeptical about such a proposal. You will not believe me that I could take you to the other side of the world at such a small amount and in such a little time. However, even if you believe me, you will be forced to ask me how I am going to do that.

In the case of Scams Recovery, the “how” part is never explained. The small details that you see on the website on how they are going to do it are so vague, generic, and fluff, that even I could say that to anyone. They are telling you the process in three steps.

  1. You have to file a complaint, and once you do that, the company will have a case to solve. Okay, that makes sense.
  2. At this point, they will start collecting the evidence and fighting your case with the stakeholders.
  3. The third and the last phase is that they will get your money back.

Do you see the “how” part there? If you look closely, they still have not explained how they are going to do. They are just telling you “what” they are going to do, which kind of tells me that they are not even legitimate. Or at least, they don’t have a system to get your money back.

No Information about the Company

Ever heard of that phrase, “Using too many words to say nothing”? Well, that’s exactly how I feel when I navigate the website of this money recovery service. If you look at the “About Us” section of any other website, they tell you the story that got them started. You get to know about the founders of the company and their story on what motivated them to start it in the first place. In addition to that, you might also see the pictures of the staff members and the team that is going to work on your case. You get none of that when you sign up with Scams Recovery.

This company just tells you that they are passionate about getting your money back. There is nothing for them to show. They don’t even have any experience of doing what they are doing because there is no record on the website about their duration of work in the industry. I think if you decide to sign up with this company, you will agree to follow a shadow that will eventually lead you to a great fall.

Final Thoughts

Starting a website is not difficult anymore. Even a student with a small pocket money can now start and maintain a website. When you have licensed and regulated companies providing you with services, you can see the information right on the website. In the case of, all you get is an empty shell and nothing more. Now, I leave it to you to make the final decision.  

Shelly Melancon (Switzerland)

Shelly is a cryptocurrency enthusiast from Switzerland, she bought her first crypto in 2015 when it was way less popular then it is today and since 2017 she has been writing about cryptocurrency for online news portals. Shelly is the newest addition to the Tokenhell team, she writes mostly news and reviews related articles , stay tuned to her posts to stay up to date with the crypto world.

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