Action Refund Review – A Disappointment in Disguise

If you are an online trader, you would want to be safe in every way. From confirming the regulation information of the online broker to the encryption of your information and segregation of funds, you want everything in place before you sign up with any company. However, despite all the checks, you can still end up in the wrong place. That’s when you need a fund recovery service to provide you with assistance in getting your money back. As someone who has lost money to a scam, you really need a helping hand to give you some assurance that you will get your money back. Review

I have been researching online funds recovery services for a long time. A name that has appeared over and over in front of me is Action Refund. I want to review this service so you know the truth. Once you know the reality, you can take step in the right direction. Here are some reasons I believe this company is a disappointment.

They Don’t Have a Proper Team

The biggest issue that you will face with this online money back service provider is that they don’t have a team. Every time you call, you might end up talking to the same person. This just shows that they don’t have many people working for the company. In addition to that, you will feel that the person on the phone is “trying” to answer all your questions. Even though their responses are not that apt, but they will still try to answer everything. In other words, you will feel clearly that you are not being given assistance by a professional who really knows stuff.

I have to tell you that signing up with a company that does not have a proper team can be a huge disadvantage for you. The biggest issue is that you might just have landed into another trap, fraud, or scam. They might not be providing you with any services to get your money back at all. They are just a website telling you that they can get your money back. If you are convinced with whatever they have to say, you might give them some money for their services, which you will never receive.

Whenever you call a company to get help with your lost funds, make sure you ask them about their team. Ask them if they have any lawyers or attorneys on their team to help you with all the legal matters associated with your case.

They Don’t Know How to Talk

Great customer service is integral to any online service. If you are talking to people who are supposed to help you get your money back, you expect them to be very polite with you. You expect them to understand you and be compassionate with you on your situation. Instead, what you get with this company is people talking over you. They are always trying to tell you how they know everything about your case and how they will go about it. The problem with this approach is that the customer does not feel listened to. Yes, you might be very well-versed in your professional tackling of the situation, but you have to have your customer onboard as well.

You can’t just keep talking about your knowledge. The first thing you have to do as a professional is to listen to the customer. That’s what I feel is the biggest difference between great money back service providers and the bad ones. I have to tell you that when I call the right service, I instantly know they are going to help me. The first thing I expect from them is to listen to me. Great helpers are even great listeners. They stay quiet when you are talking and trying to explain your situation. A professional definitely knows what they have to do next when you are telling them your case, but they still listen to you.

Listening to you and making you feel comfortable is a part of their job. In my experience, I don’t think they listen to you carefully when you call them, and that’s a big no-no for me.

They Don’t Have Ample Experience

This is the biggest concern that any online trader should have with the company that they are choosing to get their money back from the scam. You see, the online world is more complex than you can think. There are people using sophisticated methods to scam you. They have complete systems that look legitimate to even the most experienced traders. At the same time, they make you give consent to things you never would agree to if you knew them in plain words. At the end of the day, they have a lot of material that they can use to prove your chargeback claim to be false.

To deal with such a situation, you need people who have already dealt with all of this. New entries to the business cannot deal with the pressure of all this. Not to mention, when you call the scammers to tell them to give your money back, you have to make them feel intimidated. The new companies are not that threatening because they don’t have a network of influential people. If you sign up with an experienced company, you will observe that they have not one or two, but many tactics to deal with an online scammer that has snatched away your money.

I have to be honest with you. There are certain strategies and tactics that you can only learn from experience. So, make sure you pick a company that has proper experience.

Final Thoughts

I am not saying that Action Refund is the worst money recovery company out there. However, I am trying to highlight the drawbacks that it has. You have to know the before you sign up with it because it is a matter of money that you have earned with hard work. You don’t want to spend months in pursuing a case and end up with nothing just because the company you chose was not up to par.

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