SEC Urges Court To Mandate Elon Musk Twitter Aquisition’s Testimony

In a recent news report, the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) is bent on pressing the federal court to approve its motion, which is requesting the court to mandate Elon Musk to give testimony about its multi-billion dollar purchase of Twitter last year. Meanwhile, Elon Musk kept negating the motion as he claimed the initial testimony he gave concerning the deal in September should be enough for the regulator.

Recent developments revealed that Elon Musk, the chief executive officer of the Twitter social media platform, is facing multiple challenges, especially with Musk endorsing a contentious theory on X. The SEC is mounting pressure on the CEO, requesting his testimony on his acquisition of the platform as the commission reportedly believed he breached some financial compliance regulation. Also, some major brands are having conflicts of interest due to the recent content moderation protocol Musk implemented in the platform.

The SEC Demands For More Testimonies

According to a recent report, the SEC is taking huge steps towards enforcing Elon Musk to give testimony over his X acquisition as it intends to probe the deal. Currently, the report showed that the regulatory agent has formally petitioned a federal court in San Francisco to mandate Musk to testify about his Twitter deal. 

The latest move by the US financial regulator over the deal that cost Elon Musk about $44 billion shows the commission is keenly interested in digging deeper into the intricacies and every detail of the transaction, which was carried out in 2022.


Furthermore, the report revealed that the SEC submitted an affidavit containing the commission’s perspectives and reasons why it believes the deal Elon Musk executed should be investigated to the San Francisco federal court. More so, the SEC claimed in the motion that all its actions to file a legal case against the Twitter CEO are legal and within its jurisdiction as it depicts its goal to enforce transparency and regulation compliance within high-profile firms’ transactions.

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Musk Refutes The SEC’s Demands

According to the report, the defendant, Elon Musk, has been treating the mounting SEC trial to force his testimony concerning his deal as trivial as he has been avoiding and disregarding the commission’s effort to have a formal conversation on the topic with him. This is evident in the scenario that happened in September 2022 when the SEC officially invited Musk to an interview. Musk reportedly accepted the invite, but on a later date, just a few days before the interview, he issued a statement via Twitter, tagging the SEC, that he wouldn’t make the meeting.

Furthermore, Musk and his counsels refuted the SEC’s requests, stating that the previous explanations that Musk disseminated concerning his Twitter deal should suffice the authority, adding that the Commission is overreaching. But, the SEC retorted that the earlier answers were insufficient to satiate some questions in their ongoing investigation and needed more testimonies from the Twitter CEO.

Spectators suggested that the clash between the two reflects a broader records of confrontation between them. They added that Elon Musk’s significant public status and his business’s high-profile nature further aggravate the complexity of the matter.

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Brands Questioned Content Restriction Protocols On X

Aside from the legal brawl the Twitter CEO is facing from the SEC, he is faced with another challenge concerning the changes he effected on Twitter after becoming the owner. According to the report, Musk is receiving criticism over his recent retort to an anti-Semitic scheme. The controversy surrounding the issue reportedly impacted commercial activities on the platform as prominent brands such as IBM took drastic action.

Reports revealed that IBM halted all its advertisement plans on X after rumors that their adverts appeared alongside pro-Nazi posts. Announcing through multiple news outlets, IBM stated that it has a strong stance against hate speech and discrimination, emphasizing how serious they view the situation. Musk approval take on the contentious theory has raised questions concerning brand safety and content control on the space.

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