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Sega Executive Considers Blockchain Gaming ‘Unfamiliar World’ Worth Pursuit

Sega is developing a trading card for a nonfungible token game founded on Sangokushi Taisen for Asia, with the firm’s Co-COO optimistic about its potential.

Shuji Utsumi, Sega’s Co-COO, has disclosed positive thoughts concerning blockchain gaming as well as the unique role of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in video games’ future. This happens months following earlier claims that play-to-earn games are ‘uninteresting.’

Blockchain Games and Assets Ownership Fulfilling Players’ Emerging Desires

In an interview initially published as a sponsored post and converted into a blog post this week, Utsumi said that within blockchain games, possessing assets and, in some situations, making cash could result in player desires that have not existed previously. Further, Utsumi added that this is truly a transitional phase for the industry.

The comments by Utsumi come as part of a vast chat concerning the Sonic the Hedgehog publisher approving the intellectual property of its Sangokushi Taisen card game to double This blockchain company is creating Battle of Three Kingdoms, a trading card game (TCG), using nonfungible cards motivated by the novel 2005 game.


The new Sega-approved trading card game will primarily focus on Asia’s gaming market and provide more than 100 various cards during its launch. In addition, continuous game updates and purchases will support it after the launch.

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Sega Executive Consider Blockchain Gaming Unfamiliar, Yet Worth Pursuit

Utsumi claimed the new game’s licensing was meant to ‘rescue’ the original IP of the game while still ensuring ‘the protection of what must be safeguarded.’ Utsumi explained that Blockchain gaming remains an unfamiliar world to them.

Sega’s Co-COO revealed that the original Sangokushi Taisen game producer will manage the Battle of Three Kingdom’s development. As part of the partnership, Sega is to offer game assets. In exchange, Utsumi claimed Sega would gain more knowledge concerning blockchains and how they are created, thus creating a ‘win-win’ situation for the two sides.

Sega Upbeat to Leverage Blockchain Technology in Gaming

Utsumi said that Sega studies content that uses improved technology and new business structures. Blockchain technology happened to be one of the research areas. Owing to this context, it was essential to consider Sangokushi Taisen as an IP that fans across Japan and other Asian nations would accept. Additionally, the IP was supposed to harmonize efficiently with blockchain technology.

Utsumi stressed that the push by Sega into blockchain gaming forms part of a vast initiative to change and adapt to emerging technologies. However, he knows about the present obstacles encountered by crypto games, for instance, deciding how or if to implement the crypto wallet. These wallets hold assets such as nonfungible tokens, and users need to ‘link’ them to sites and ‘sign’ transactions to list items for sale or carry out purchases.

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According to Utsumi, wallet creation is challenging, thus the need for people to play the game first. He also said that crypto wallets are an ‘obstacle’ that people must conquer. However, they might still be worth the reward. He added that he is eager to see how nonfungible tokens can capture the emotion of possessing a card.

Double jump. tokyo and Sega failed to respond to a request for more comments.

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