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Shopify Collaborates with Thirdweb to Launch a Web3 Project Commercekit

A report issued on March 3 by the leading NFT and Web3 development company Thirdweb revealed that the company was working with Shopify to develop new groundbreaking technology Commercekit for developers. The report disclosed that the newly launched platform would enable the creators of Web3 softwares to develop commerce applications.

Shopify Partnership with Thirdweb

According to data from the US Census Bureau, the number of retail sales conducted on electronic platforms translates to 13%. This report revealed that Web3 technologies have enormous potential to transform the e-commerce sector by attracting a larger crypto-native audience.

In particular, the Web3 platform can integrate high-performance marketing tools and rewarding systems for businesses to amass a measurable clientele. Nonetheless, the quest to improve the e-commerce sector necessitated Shopify and Thirdweb to develop an innovative platform, Commercekit.


The new platform will provide the developer with useful resources necessary to create Web3 projects that meet the needs of the commerce industry. The team behind the Commercekit platform revealed that the integration of proprietary software and infrastructure would create a responsive platform where the investor can easily interact with the customer.

Features of the Commercekit Platform

In addition, the Commercekit provides the investor and the customer with a range of services. The platform has created multiple sections for merchants to launch product campaigns and issue their NFTs to customers. The Commercekit has a unique reward system to attract new and retain existing customers.

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Per the report, the existing platforms for creating Web3 e-commerce must be updated to meet customers’ needs. This necessitated Thirdweb and Shopify to join forces and leverage their expertise and technologies to develop a unique system that will provide the customer, developer, and user with long-standing support.

The new system has integrated the Thirdweb smart contract technologies with Shopify’s innovative e-commerce in the attempt to make the developers’ work more effortless. Also, the envisioned e-commerce platform has adopted innovative software to expedite the integration of Web3 and storefronts products.

Commercekit Future Plans

Besides the endless benefits of Commercekit, Shopify, and Thirweb anticipate that the new technology will boost user experiences. A March 3 statement by Thirdweb chief operating officer Jake Loo revealed that Commercekit’s project management  team invested their resources to develop the system for  more than 18 months.

The lengthy process challenged the Web3 developers to collaborate with other firms in the blockchain sector to ensure the product meets the market needs. Based on the market research, Loo confirmed that the consumers’ demands for Web3 and commerce products were relatively high.

Also, Loo believes that the task executed by his IT team in partnership with Shopify will transform the Web3 commerce sector. In support of Loo’s statement, the head of product development at Shopify, Alex Danco, believes that business success is determined by the firm’s efforts in acquiring new customers.

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Danco stated that their partnership with the leading Web3 development firm Thirdweb inspired the launching of new products, such as smart contracts and digital wallets, to the commerce industry. Danco is optimistic that the efforts made by the Commercekit team will mutually benefit Shopify and Thirdweb.

As per data conveyed by the Thirdweb company disclose that within the last one year, the company has more than 50000 developers utilizing their tools to create their applications. Among them, 10000 developers engage in more than 500000 blockchain activities on a monthly basis. Additionally, 200000 smart contracts have been integrated into over eight blockchain networks. 

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