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SingularityNET Spinoff Rejuve Taps AI and Blockchain to Enhance Longevity

Chief executive of Saint Lucia-based Rejuve anticipates tapping blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) in crowdsourcing enhanced health and longevity. The head of the SingularityNET spinoff seeks to leverage AI technology to optimize longevity and health boundaries. 

Rejuve seeks to tap AI beyond writing term papers and designing art projects to produce better health outcomes. 

Human Beings Living Longer and Sicker

Since its unveiling in 2018, SingularityNET has realized significant milestones under the stewardship of its founder, Ben Goertzel. The biotechnology company seeks to leverage AI and decentralized technology to enable individuals to lead healthier lives. 

Rejuve Chief Jasmine Smith profiled AI as enabling the company to process data faster and realize intricate combinations better than humans. AI has superior capabilities that surpass individuals’ reading endless papers. 

The AI facilitates the realization of the personalized medicine theme, particularly in analyzing data. Doing so helps the clinical providers reach informed decisions quickly. 

The integration of technology and advanced medicine is increasing the average lifespan of each individual. In particular, Macrotrends data shows that life expectancy is 0.08% higher in the US to 79 years, unlike in 2022. The data research firm attributes the longer lifespan to improved medicine. 

Smith observed that though the world is witnessing increasing averages for life expectancies, the population is battling surging rates for chronic illnesses. The executive added that individuals are living longer though sicker than in 2022.

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Smith decried that individuals are living to 90 years, though they spend the last years and months bedridden. 

Rejuve Targets Democratizing Longevity Worldwide 

While living entire and longer lives is the ultimate goal of each individual, only the wealthy realize such. In particular, the rich access longevity tech as they can afford tests, specialized diets, treatments, and drugs desired to slow aging. As such, Smith observed that the emergence of biohacking clubs exists to serve the elite. 

Rejuve targets democratizing longevity through a recently unveiled application. The Rejuve Longevity application features native digital and nonfungible tokens (NFT). Smith disclosed that the application taps three blockchains, including BNB Chain, Cardano, and Ethereum

Smith revealed that individuals signing up to utilize the Rejuve app earn tokens for the data provided and update their profile. 

Smith explained that the Longevity application facilitates the ability to crowdsource data harvested worldwide, which is not just a privilege for specific populations. 

The firm targets combining the data uniquely to benefit individuals and the population. It seeks to analyze the data to discover the factors influencing aging and the solutions relevant to flattening the sickness curve. 

The Rejuve application targets breaking sophisticated aging concepts into understandable and relatable constituents.

Eradicate Self-Destructive Behavior for Healthier and Longer Living 

Rejuve’s objective echoes the pronouncement by biohacker Bryan Johnson, who indicated that living longer is attainable through eradicating the self-destructive behavior that hampers healthier living. 

Johnson admitted that individuals harbor inherent versions of self-destructive conduct repetitively portrayed. He disclosed in an interview with the 

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Bloomberg that individuals stand to realize better gains provided they halt self-destructive behaviors. The call is securing an audience from the longevity personality David Barzilai, identified as Agingdoc.

Barzilai reiterated the desire to realize the good life possible when people realized the expectancy and desired family time. He considered longevity excellent since each desires healthy living and a wonderful experience when around for a longer time.

Microsoft vice president heading the research and incubations Peter Lee hailed OpenAI’s chatGPT for its health benefit. The corporate executive praised the ChatGPT for helping the family understand the sophisticated medical jargon when caring for the elderly father. 

Lee indicated that without ChatGPT input, the family failed to understand the lab tests and reports. The executive terms the ChatGPT facilitative in refining the questions they would pose to the doctor. 

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