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SMIMarkets Review – Is SMIMarkets Scam or a Recommended Broker? (

SMIMarkets Broker Rating
Account Types9.1
Trading Speed9.3
Customer Service9.5
Trading is an opportunity but can be risk at some occasions but one can minimize the risks if you engage SMIMarkets to achieve your trading ambitions. No doubt that SMIMarkets is fully capable of providing a highly ethical trading strategies and analysts which are backed by strong decision making power. It has helped hundreds of its customers to achieve excellence in the field of online trading and remain so for their future traders/customers.

SMIMarkets Review

SMIMarkets logoIt is the matter of no question that the online trading has permitted millions of people around the world to make a living as well as allowed them to avail opportunity to acquire a fair bit of portion in it for the purposes of gaining profits on their investments.

Not too long ago, before the internet came into being, the common discernment within the traditional trade was that it was as for wealthy individuals and colossal organizations. Be that as it may, nowadays, when we have powerful computers with the connectivity of internet, each and every individual, irrespective of how big or small is his investment, can become an online trader and gain benefits which were limited to a certain class of people.

How SMIMarkets came into existence

In this foundation, where innovative breakthroughs were made conceivable with the utilization of internet, the concept of “trading” advanced extraordinarily which effectively evolved into “online trading”. Online trading was then able to make a difference in the trading industry by soon becoming a worldwide trend which was easily accessible to everyone from anyplace in any part of the world. This developed the desire within the common man to become a trader and enjoy the benefits contained in trading. It is this desire which successfully helped establishing of SMIMarkets which is now a beacon light for those whose dream is to become a successful trader in online trading industry.

pioneer in online trading

A pioneer in online trading

Today, SMIMarkets is a well-reputed online brokerage firm which offers a wide range of products line relating to trading industry which include forex, CFD trading, Indices, Metals, Oils, Crypto currency and much more. It is being made up of profoundly prepared experts and professionals from and inside the field of conventional trading who are able to provide state of the art craftsmanship and unmatched trading experience to its nearby and worldwide customers/traders.

The foremost imperative thing to note with respect to SMIMarkets is that it is a legally built up organization which is successfully carrying on its lawful business of commerce by providing online brokerage services to every individual trader who wishes to join hands with SMIMarkets. It is a registered brokerage firm working under the laws of United Kingdom as well as complying with the rules and controls of other countries and jurisdictions from where it has been enrolled to carry on its services to meet out clients. Due to this, SMIMarkets is known to be a solid and dependable experienced online brokerage which is popular amongst online community all over the world.

Contrast between and other online brokers

Trading is beneficial but finding a perfect broker can be quite burdensome. There are scammers and fraudsters everywhere waiting for the opportunity to scam someone. However, they are dealt by the law accordingly when the time comes but until then they could cause irreparable injury to many people. Often it is seen that the scammers build up phony websites and when their nefarious designs are achieved, they vanish.

For more than past 18 years, SMIMarkets is an active online brokerage conferring to the desires and needs of its clients spreading over entire world. According to this impressively long relationship between the clients and SMIMarkets, it has enabled SMIMarkets to win trust and faith of its customers by providing a reliable and very effective trading platform where its traders can seek sanctuary from the threats of scammers and fraudsters. This unique and trustworthy platform of SMIMarkets can be utilized by any type of trader i.e. trainee and/or experienced trader. Let us put a glance what actually is SMIMarkets: –

  • Longstanding connections with its traders

The vital feature which has permitted SMIMarkets to keep up solid ties with its clients and keep long-standing friendly connections with them, is due to the reality that it has been able to effectively give exceptional client care facility around the clock where experts and highly skilled staff of SMIMarkets are available 24/7 who remain at all times available and are fully equipped to settle and resolve the issues in a professional manner vigorously and efficiently.

  • Enjoys Impeccable Reputation

SMIMarkets has grown a status for being a highly constructive online brokerage who provides opportunities to trade in forex, CFDs and others for fledgling traders as well as advanced traders. It is pertinent to point out that it has been granted several awards by many well-known organizations within the field of online trading industry which has helped SMIMarkets to further achieve an immaculate character among its corresponding competitors.

  • Fast and Consistent platform for trading

For any brokerage it is fundamental that the execution of exchange dealings are done in proficient manner. Here as well SMIMarkets is able to lead its clients to execute their daily trading transactions in a most consistent and well-organized manner through the award winning platform and tools that have been made available by SMIMarkets for the use of its clients such as web trader and desktop trader.

  • Provider of Premium Services

From the day SMIMarkets was introduced in the field of online trading, it had and has been playing an important role in providing most lucrative trading products which can then be availed by its customers in an attempt to gain profits. Through these innovative trading opportunities the customers of SMIMarkets can maximize their investments while ensuring that they gain access to worldwide online trading markets. The participation of SMIMarkets in the online trading business is a blessing for the online traders and the services being provided by it cannot be compared with any other online brokerage of its kind.

SMIMarkets trading platforms

  • Unique Trading Platform

SMIMarkets is committed to provide industry leading trading platform and tools which can then be utilized in accordance with their fullest capabilities by the traders of SMIMarkets. Armed with this ambition, SMIMarkets has developed its trading platform in such a way that it can take of specific needs of the customer and can also be customized in order to give its users a unique experience. Both the beginner as well as pro level trader can derive benefits from this unique platform of SMIMarkets in which the traders are able to execute trading transactions in a more efficient and sound manner.

The facility of having proficiently experienced analyst at SMIMarkets is a cherry on top with whose tireless efforts vital information and education of becoming a successful trader were made possible. Let us briefly now look at some of the trading products being offered at the platform of SMIMarkets: –

·         Forex

Known as the spine of trading industry and a high value trading product, forex can be divided into two categories which are well-known to all as “Foreign Exchange” and “Crypto currency”. As of now forex trading overwhelms the major portion of entire trading industry where the daily turnover exceeds US$ 5 trillion. This magnificently unique trading product is the pick of trader and majority of traders feel comfortable while trading in forex. The reason being that it is highly lucrative and above all does not involve too many risk.

Another ease of doing trading in forex is that it remains at all times open like 24/7 and 5 days a week all around the world.

  • Foreign Exchange: Due to the ever-growing numbers in traders who wants to trade in forex, this has brought forex trading on the top. Currencies in exchange for other currencies are traded in Foreign Exchange. Why one need to exchange currencies? The answer is for various purposes for example if you are traveling abroad then in order for you to buy something in the visiting country you cannot present your currency. You need the currency of that country to buy something.

As discussed before that forex trading has a huge market therefore all the currencies of the world are made available for trading. These currencies are traded in pairs and the most popular foreign exchange trading pair without any doubt is USD/EUR. While a trader of SMIMarkets can easily trade within this pair more successfully, however, the trader can participate in other known currency pairs in which high potential of profitability is contained. SMIMarkets provides unlimited access to its traders to explore some of the biggest and highly renowned foreign exchange houses of the world such as New York, London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Paris.

  • Cryptocurrencies: The second category of forex is called “cryptocurrency”. This is a newly born digital asset which has no physical existence at all but has the ability to be traded, bought and sold and used for acquiring services etc. The first ever crypt currency being introduced in the world goes by the name “Bitcoin” and is today one of the most popular trading asset worldwide. Launched in the year 2009, it very quickly entwined thousands and thousands of traders within it. It was like a bee-hive and the traders as bees.

Soon the initial Bitcoin investors made loads and loads of profits in the year 2013 and this too helped Bitcoin to further pierce into the forex trading industry and today it has long and strong roots within the industry and cannot be taken for granted.

Keeping in view all the traits it has to offer, SMIMarkets has ensured that its customers can also derive benefits from this highly lucrative digital asset which has made many rich overnight and will continue to provide lucrative opportunities in the future. A trader of SMIMarkets can trade with multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many more, to name a few.

·         Indices

A trader of SMIMarkets has the liberty of trading in Indices which is another very popular trading item. Since it has high potential of earning handsome profits, it attracts a large number of people from around the world who are participating in its trading successfully through online trading. At SMIMarkets a trader can buy indices of world’s top indices like Dow Jones, FTSE, DAX, JSE etc. and can avail 100:1 leverage on indices trading transaction. SMIMarkets provides a one-stop-shop platform for its customers to successfully pursue their indices trading activities in a more efficient and transparent manner.

A trader of SMIMarkets can hold the stocks for a considerably long period in an effort to earn profits on his investment and can then sell his stocks when he feels that he is able to find the perfect buyer who can offer higher price.

·         CFDs

Trading journey can be a bumpy ride but with a perfect blend of trading product one cannot only enjoy his experience in trading but can also turn the tides in his favour and maneuver his future to make it luxurious and brighter. There is perfect product of trading known as CFD (Contract for Difference). This unique trading product can be classified as a leading derivative product of trading which cannot be compared with other trading products.

For advanced traders it is the best trading product because the mode of trading in CFD is quite unique which allows a trader to monitor the increasing and decreasing price of a particular asset. It is this monitoring and changing of price on which the trader conduct his trading.

For the past many years the comfort of trading which is comprising in CFD trading is unmatched and the number of people taking benefit from it is ever-growing. Since you are not buying anything in CFD trading but in fact you are more like gambling on the price variation therefore this makes CFD a unique product in the financial industry. A trader of SMIMarket can participate in CFD trading successfully with the liberty of conducting his trading assignments through his personal computer or laptop as well as through his internet enabled mobile phone.

·         Commodities

As we all know that commodities are part of our daily life. It is something which is essential for the survival of humanity and enables countries to strengthen their economies and when the economies are strong, it automatically enables the people in society to live a better life.

Like other trading products, commodity trade is much the largest trading product which successfully overwhelms and dominates the entire trading industry. The items contained in commodity trading ranges from sugar, wheat, flour, cocoa, beans to edible oils etc.

There are 500 plus trading assets if you are a trader of SMIMarkets in which you can access the markets from around the entire world to trade commodity items. From small to big, SMIMarkets has brought multiple opportunities of commodity trading at its platform which can be utilized by its customers.

·         Metals

Another very important type of trade which can be experienced from the platform of SMIMarkets is the Metal trading in which precious metals such as Silver, Gold, Diamond and others are available for trading. A trader of SMIMarkets can explore and browse through various opportunities that are available from the global metal trading industry. Once the trader feels that he has found the perfect trading opportunity, he can instantly conduct his trading while ensuring that he is at all times backed by its service provider – SMIMarkets.

For the past 18 years, SMIMarkets have been successfully offering its customers to participate in metal trading online and utilize the leverage which is kept at 1:100. Metal trading through the platform of SMIMarkets can provide the best experience of your life.

·         Oil

Oil is another very popular trading product and has its own peculiar audience.

The world is moving fast and evolving in every second. We are more reliant on machines than ourselves. We need air-conditioners in hot summer and want to ensure that the electricity remains available at all times. We need cars to go from here to there. We need fuel to keep our industries functioning.

Due to this reason oil remains at all times most demanded trading product. The prices of oil worldwide are also subject to change from time to time. Therefore it needs huge investments and provides huge profits but at the same time can give you huge losses as well. But the fact of the matter is the still todate it is the most prosperous trading product and no one can kill its popularity.

There are hundreds of traders of SMIMarkets who made riches while trading in oil and still every trader individually has ample opportunity to do successful oil trading and earn profits from the platform of SMIMarkets because the highly experienced personnel of SMIMarkets are fully equipped to help and assist the trader to make every trade a win trade.

SMIMarkets online trading

Diverse Accounts for Unique Traders

What puts SMIMarkets on top of other online brokerage service providers is its quality of providing multiple selection of accounts which are each designed and developed in a way so as to meet the requirements and needs of any type of trader. There are following 5 accounts: –

·         Beginners Account

Beginners account is the most basic account time which is best suitable for investment purposes for those who are first-timers and have zero knowledge about the trading and in particular the online trading. The minimum deposit required for signing up with this account is USD/EUR/GBP 250. SMIMarkets offer its customers to trade in over 50 plus currencies while at the same time they can have fixed spreads and leverage of upto 100.

·         Standard account

The second account is known as “Standard” account. This account is recommended for those type of traders who have slight knowledge about the trade and can easily select their trading product in which they want to trade in. Again in this account a trader of SMIMarkets can have variable spreads and an increased leverage of upto 200. It can be signed up for a meager amount upto USD/EUR/GBP 500.

·         Gold account

After the Standard account, we are now in the area of big players. SMIMarkets now provide “Gold” account. This account is highly recommended for an above-average trader who knows how trading works and is fully equipped to understand the trading products and can choose according to his desires. This account can be availed of with an initial deposit of USD/EUR/GBP 5000 in which there are fixed spreads, minimum leverage is upto 1:300 and also provides weekly reviews and analysis of the market conditions so that the traders can arrive at just decisions. It also comes with customer support which is available 24/7 to a trader of SMIMarkets.

·         Diamond account

At fourth place, there is Diamond account which is specially built for those who are advanced level traders and know trading from every bit of angle and have learnt a great how to make every trade in their favour. Their eagerness to earn big has insisted upon the need to create a separate account with SMIMarkets where they can pursue their careers as successful traders by utilizing their experience to make their lives luxurious and prosperous than ever before.

Diamond Account can be signed up with a minimum initial deposit of USD/EUR/GBP 10,000 which, while having all the distinct features as are contained in Beginner, Standard and Gold accounts, also has the facility of a dedicated personal account manager.

·         VIP account

This account is a special account and does not require signing up nor deposit of any initial money but, as a matter of fact, can be signed up once the trader at SMIMarkets qualifies as a pro-level trader and elevates and surpasses above all accounts. It can be opened through VIP invitation only and has all the distinct features as are contained in Beginner, Standard, Gold and Diamond accounts.

It also has the facility of VIP spreads where leverage is kept at its maximum value i.e. 1:400. Highly trained personal account manager and expert analysts are also there to help the trader in arriving at most effective decision.

Concluding Thoughts

Trading is an opportunity but can be risk at some occasions but one can minimize the risks if you engage SMIMarkets to achieve your trading ambitions. No doubt that SMIMarkets is fully capable of providing a highly ethical trading strategies and analysts which are backed by strong decision making power. It has helped hundreds of its customers to achieve excellence in the field of online trading and remain so for their future traders/customers.



Overall Rating


SMIMarkets Broker Rating
Account Types9.1
Trading Speed9.3
Customer Service9.5
Trading is an opportunity but can be risk at some occasions but one can minimize the risks if you engage SMIMarkets to achieve your trading ambitions. No doubt that SMIMarkets is fully capable of providing a highly ethical trading strategies and analysts which are backed by strong decision making power. It has helped hundreds of its customers to achieve excellence in the field of online trading and remain so for their future traders/customers. produces top quality content exposure for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies and startups. We have provided brand exposure for thousands of companies to date and you can be one of them too! All of our clients appreciate our value / pricing ratio. Contact us if you have any questions: Cryptocurrencies and Digital tokens are highly volatile, conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Some of the posts on this website are guest posts or paid posts that are not written by our authors (namely Crypto Cable , Sponsored Articles and Press Release content) and the views expressed in these types of posts do not reflect the views of this website. Tokenhell is not responsible for the content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or any other content posted on the site. Read full terms and conditions / disclaimer.

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