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Snapshot of XRP Ledger Addresses and Spark Airdrop Happening Tomorrow: Here Are Details

The cryptocurrency community is impatiently waiting for Flare Networks’ Spark Token Airdrop to occur especially the holders of the third-ranked cryptocurrency XRP who will be given an opportunity to claim free Spark tokens. The smart contracts platform will initially take a snapshot of all XRP Ledger addresses prior to initiating the Spark distribution.

One Day To Go Now

Flare Networks’ Snapshot is scheduled to occur on the 12th of December and now there is only one day left. Tomorrow, Flare Networks will take a snapshot of all XRP Ledger addresses taking part in the Spark distribution. Only those users will be able to claim free Spark tokens who are the holders of XRP. While on the other hand, non-XRP holders would not even be allowed to take part in the Spark distribution.

XRP holders are required to have their XRP balances on the cryptocurrency exchanges prior to the scheduled date. Those who do not have XRP balances available on supported crypto exchanges or wallets will not be able to participate in the Spark Token Airdrop. If you want to earn free Spark tokens then you need to make hurry and deposit XRP into your accounts. Users will receive free Spark tokens based on the amount of XRP they have in their balances. The more XRP you have in your balance, the more Spark tokens you will be able to get.

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Moreover, if you have your XRP balance on a cryptocurrency exchange or wallet that is not supporting Flare Networks’ Spark Airdrop then you are not eligible for this event. In this case, you need to move your XRP balance to some other eligible crypto exchange as soon as possible as only one day is now left.

Here is the list of supported crypto exchanges

Almost all of the major cryptocurrency exchanges have announced their support for this token airdrop. There are more than forty cryptocurrency exchanges that have declared their support for it. The world’s leading digital currency exchange Binance, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, the major crypto exchange Kraken, the Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange KuCoin and the Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Bitfinex are some of the major digital currency exchanges supporting this token airdrop.

Other digital currency exchanges taking part in this spark distribution include  UPbit, BitBay, Uphold, National Digital Asset Exchange (NDAX), Bitstamp, Gopax, Korbit, AltCoinTrader, Bitbns, ProBit, Celsius, Coinone, Bithumb, BTC Markets, Bitrue, and some others.

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Over 45 Billion Spark Tokens Will Be Distributed Freely

An amount of more than 45 billion spark tokens is expected to be distributed among the holders of XRP. The distribution will take place on a basis of a 1:1 ratio.

Reportedly, since the announcement of Spark Airdrop, the holdings of XRP have increased to reach nearly $500 million so far. This shows that the Ripple community is very excited about this airdrop event.

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